10: Patty Edelburg & Emma Lindberg – National Farmer’s Union

10: Patty Edelburg & Emma Lindberg - National Farmer's Union

Patty Edelburg and Emma Lindburg from the National Farmers Union discuss challenges to women farmers across the country and their national Women's Farming Conference in January 2020 in San Diego. Women farmers face challenges experienced by all farmers around the world, but through joining the National Farmers Union, other groups or attending their conferences, women farmers can build their knowledge, skills and a personal network. Folks in cities can best support women farmers by buying direct from them, something easier and more year-round in San Diego than almost anywhere else. Publisher Katie Stokes shared cooking tips on using your freezer proactively for making, having and using soup stock in your kitchen - using your time well, stretching your food dollar, maximizing nutrition and minimizing food waste.