The All Forked Up Podcast features in depth looks and takes on contemporary issues in the food world from the cold, hard restaurant business to explorations of culinary delights from San Diego to the ends of the earth. Each story unfolds as Mercy Baron and Michael Gardiner interview players in the food world from chefs and restaurateurs to farmers, TV personalities and the people who make the food world happen. Each episode begins with This Week in Food and ends with the Specialty Produce Vegetable of the Week with the space in between brimming with ideas, reality, banter and more than a few laughs




Episode 17 - Lobster: It's How We Roll!

Mercy and Michael interview Pete DeCoste of Pete's Seafood in North Park and Chad Taggart of Lobster West in Encinitas and Coronado about the delicious, yet sometimes contentious, world of Lobster Rolls.

Episode 16 - These Pastry Chefs Won't Dessert You!

Mercy and Michael interview Kristianna Zabala of Nomad Donuts and the Chocolate Lush herself, Ashley Drake.

Episode 15 - On Tapa The World

Mercy and Michael interview Javier Gonzales of Costa Brava Restaurant and Oz Blackaller of Cueva Bar about tapas - the original "small plates" - both New World and Old.

Episode 14 - The Impending Pinoying Of Ethnic Cuisine In America

Mercy and Michael interview D.J. Tangalin of Bivouac Ciderworks and Anthony Sinsay of Jsix about Filipino food, the consensus, "America's Next Big Food Trend".

Episode 13 - Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Week

Mercy and Michael interview Jeff Rossman of Terra, Bunz and the California Restaurant Association and Trish Watlington of The Red Door and San Diego Farm-to-Fork Week all about Restaurant Week and Farm-to-Fork Week.

Episode 12 - The BBQ Road Less Traveled

Mercy and Michael interview Gene Goycochea of Cali Comfort BBQ and Chris McAfee of the Smok'd Hog about the BBQ road less traveled.

Episode 11 - What puts the GAS in Gastropub?

Mercy and Michael interview Jayne Battle, the mastermind behind Jayne’s Gastropub, and MasterChef semi-finalist Nick Nappi of Bar One about gastropubs, sports bars and what they mean in today’s San Diego.

Episode 10 - Love and Death Food Style

Mercy and Michael interview food photographer and activist, Jamie Fritsch and the Specialty Produce Network's own Vegan Danielle about the importance (or lack thereof) of animal products in our diets and the comparative effect (or lack thereof) of omnivores and vegans on the environment.

Episode 9 - Cooking Up Some Good

Mercy and Michael interview Ruth Henrick of Special Delivery and Karl Prohaska of Kitchens for Good about the world of cooking for charities.

Episode 8 - So You Wanna Open a Restaurant?

Mercy and Michael interview Terryl Gavre and Matt Gordon about the realities of opening a restaurant in the San Diego restaurant market.


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