Dine Local SD

19: Bali Hai & Tom Ham’s Lighthouse | Bayfront

Tiki Temple, World famous Mai Tais, beacon #9, and amazing food. Bali Hai and Tom Ham’s Lighthouse are two of San Diego’s go-to locations for spectacular views of downtown and the bay. Tune in as the Baumanns share all about their family dynamics as third generation owners.

18: Little Lion Cafe | Ocean Beach

Food is love, love is family! Join us as we welcome Chef Anne-Marie and her sister, Jacqueline Coulon of Little Lion Cafe. They share their love of food and a bit of their family traditions.

17: Will Gustwiller of Eclipse Chocolate | South Park

Build-a-Bar night, Daily Brunch and Games night! Stop by Eclipse Chocolate for their full service dining concept with a wine and beer bar, open everyday in south Park.

Episode 16 – Get Wasted And Talk Trash To Me

On this episode we join force with a set of inspiring thought leaders to discuss the upcoming Wasted event. Tune in as Davin Waite of Wrench and Rodent, Abriana Young of Closing the Loop & Chuck Samuelson of Kitchens for Good share their part in the cause and event. To learn more and get involved visit www.WastedSD.com

Episode 15 – Tribute Pizza

On this episode Matthew ” Matt” Lyons of Tribute Pizza joins our host Kelly Orange and guest host Katherine “Kat” Humphus, to talk about the art of hand tossed pizza and their upcoming one year celebration.

Episode 14 – Fish Pit Sushi

Tune in as we welcome our guest host, Katherine Humphus, and special guest Chef and owner Zach Stofferahn of Fish Pit Sushi. You wont want to miss our newest addition., the lighting round, where Zach must respond the questions with the first thing that pops in his head.

Episode 13 – Chef Celebration with Chefs Bernard Guillas and Evan Cruz.

On this episode we invite two special chefs, Bernard Guillas of Marine Room and Evan Cruz of Arterra Del Mar, to discuss their participation with the Chef Celebration Foundation and their upcoming multi-chef dinner at The Shores Restaurant.

Episode 12 – Rising Tide With Chef Jason McLeod Of Ironside Fish & Oyster And Chef Rob Ruiz Of The Land & Water Co.

Two chefs, a Fisherman and an Orange get together to discuss an unique dinning experience. Join our host Kelly Orange,Chef Jason McLeod of Ironside Fish & Oyster, Chef Rob Ruiz of The Land & Water Co. and Dave Hayworth a local fisherman as they talk about their upcoming fish centric event RISING TIDE.

Episode 11 – Moto Deli With Alex Carballo And Andy Halvorsen

Alex Carballo and Andy Halvorsen of Moto Deli discuss motorcycles, sandwitches and beer with host Kelly Orange.

Episode 10 – A Beautiful Contradiction

On this Episode two wild Chefs, DJ Tangalin of Tidal Restaurant and Steve Brown of Cosecha, join our host Kelly Orange to discuss ” A Beautiful Contradiction” a collaboration Wagyu Dinner.