Diva Lounge

36: Mr. Cakes Empire

Pastry chefs, Ray + Manuel Miranda-Vizcaino of Mr. Cakes USA talk to us about cake, their Food Network experiences, their struggles and their journey to stardom.


35: Rising Stars in San Diego

Chef Danilo (DJ) Tangalin of Bivouac Ciderworks talks about the importance of inspiring future chefs and having mentors along the way. Jack Monaco, who’s been cooking for 50 years, shares his wisdom with the Rising Stars.

34: Don’t Leave a Messy Plate!

Chefs Andrew Spurgin and Shihomi Borillo (of Azuki Sushi) share their personal experiences with Japanese cuisine, along with the passion and devotion to craftsmanship that’s required to master the art. And, don’t forget, the mastered art also requires proper food ediquette!


33: Show Me Your Spoons!

Native San Diego chef, JC Colon, currently at Hotel Republic, shares the perfection of spooning.

32: I’m Not A Rookie – I’ve Been Around

Two-time winner of “Chef of the Fest”, Mark Kropczynski, Executive Chef at the US Grant Hotel, has been in the industry since age 15. In the last 40 years, he’s been reinventing himself while keeping things simple, yet elegant.

31: Here’s To Strong Women!

Master chef, Claudia Sandoval, Christine Rivera and Lety McKenzie talk about their charity event at Machete Beer House in honor of women’s history month!
Listen up for a chance to win tickets ($150 value) to this event!

Episode 30 – Living The California Dream!

Alabama chef, Logan Kendall, finds inspiration to thrive in the competitive San Diego food scene!

Episode 29- Surfing is My Passion, Pizza is My Business

San Diego native and owner of Wheat & Water, Ted, shares his vision of a “California Coastal” pizza place for locals. #justcause

Episode 28 – We Be Clubbin!

San Diego native, Chef Matt Moyer of the La Jolla Country Club has been cheffin’ it up for 16 years at the club! There is no place like home!

Episode 27 – Out Of The Palace And Into The Diva Lounge!

Andrea Davis of Andrea’s Truffles talks all things chocolate!