Diva Lounge

Episode 26 – Mexico Relief Fund

This is a special edition of The Diva Lounge; Chef Aaron Obregon chats with the Divas about the recent September 19th earthquake in Mexico. The team discusses how they got together to request help from the community in support of the Mexico Relief Fund. To view the video that goes along with this production, visit the Specialty Produce FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/specialtyproduce/

Episode 25 – Leap With Us!

Coffee enthusiasts, PJ Ortega and David Alfaro share their passion for coffee. The roastery and coffee in Carlsbad brings on experience like no other!

Episode 24 – Tacoteur Brings The Mezcal!

Business man, husband and father Eric Adler shares his love for tacos and Mexican heritage.

Episode 23 – Don’t Call It Mole!

Chef Claudette talks about Mexican Regional Cuisine and El Jardin, which is set to open in 2018!

Episode 22 – Talking Sexy Fish

Chef Aaron Obregon shares a taste of his Mexican cuisine and love for local ingredients.

Episode 21 – Touring Coronado with Chef Tim Kolanko

Chef Tim Kolanko shares the culture of Blue Bridge Hospitality build from local and sustainable food.

Episode 20 – Beauties And The Beast Are #ChefApproved !

Executive chef Joe Magnanelli of Urban Kitchen Group talks about inspiring his team and supporting local San Diego farmers through his Beast Feast.

Episode 19 – California Farmer: James Fitzgerald Kelly

Diva Lounge interviews Farmer J Fitzgerald Kelly — Grower and Purveyor of Top-Quality Ripe Tree Fruit to Restaurants, Specialty Markets, and Farmer’s Markets in San Francisco, Mountain View, and Santa Monica, CA.

Episode 18 – Ceviche House Talks About Their New Town, Old Town

Diva Lounge interviews Jacob Sensano and Juan Carlos Recamier of Ceviche House.

Episode 17 – Chef Maeve Making The World A Sweeter Place

Diva Lounge interviews the sweet and savory diva – Chef Maeve of Sugar & Scribe.