Diva Lounge

Episode 15 – The Sweet Life of Sweet Mendoza for You

Maribel and Julie interview Adrian Mendoza of Little Italy’s Herb & Wood and Herb & Eatery restaurants.

Episode 14 – Everything You Wanted To Know About Matcha

San Diego entrepreneur, Geraldine Ridaura, has opened Holy Matcha in San Diego — Join us on our podcast today, where we discuss how she got started at such a young age.

Episode 13 – Celebrating a San Diego Chef Icon

Chef Jason Knibb of Nine-Ten Restaurant and Bar shares his story and perspective of the San Diego culinary scene.

Episode 12 – Meet the Aussies

The SP Divas are breaking borders today with the men behind Suncoast Fresh, straight from the Sunshine Coast in Australia!

Episode 11 – 10 Courses & Snacks

The Divas host the accomplished Chef Justin Cogley of Aubergine at L’Auberge Carmel and Chef Jonathan Bautista of George‚Äôs California Modern. They talk fighting hunger, health and fitness and all about their up and coming collaborative dinner. Listen for more details!

Episode 10 – Santa Monica’ Favorite Farmer

The Divas drop everything to host Santa Monica’s Voted Favorite Farmer, Steve Murray Junior, in the lounge today! Maribel and Julie talk trees, dirt, and produce while getting to know the infamously frieldy Bakersfield California farmer.

Episode 9 – Taco Takeover / Diva Lounge Takeover

Chef Christine of Galaxy Taco takes over the Diva Lounge! Christine shoves the Dives into the spotlight and offers us an inside look into their favorite Harrington brother, biggest Chef crushes and more! Visit Galaxy Taco on Tuesday, April 25th 2017 as the Divas take over for Taco Takeover Tuesday. Meet the Divas and tell them what you really think of their tacos!

Episode 8 – Call Me Jonathan, It’s More Professional

The Divas get intimate with George’s At The Cove’s own Chef De Cuisine, Jon Bautista.

Episode 6 – He’s a good kisser

The Divas get comfy in the lounge with 2 Michelin Star Chef Jason McLeod. Chef Jason dishes about his culinery history, the Consortium Holdings group and more on this episode of The Diva Lounge!