Free The Housewives

38: My Dog Said What?

From Menopause to Doggy Paws, The Housewives discover there is life after hot flashes. They also bring in an expert to help them rekindle an old romance…between their dogs.
Special Guest: Pet Medium, Keao (Kay-OW).

37: B-O-R-I-N-G!!

It’s soup and muffin season and CoCo needs to shave off her mutton chops and get a job. The Housewives get recognized from their informercial glory days. Plus, hurt feelings and a bruised ego really spice things up…

36: A Loving Kick In The Ass

CoCo got jumped into a girl gang and lived to tell the tale. Chicken is in the dumps. The Housewives get a much-needed kick in the ass from Coach Chris Kelly.

35: Frosting the Turd

A movie review. A little self exploration. Mostly a whole lot of shit talking. Special guest: CoCo’s son, Carson. Pop some corn and take a listen!

34: Deja Boo!

The Housewives blah, blah, blah. Yes, again. Same Housewife shit, different Housewife day. Blah, blah, blah.

33: Take This Job And Shove It!

Keep your dogs on a leash and hide your staplers! The Housewives have had it up to here and they need a damn vacation before they “whatever-happened-to-Baby-Jane” anyone else.

32: Do Your Own Damn Dreams!

Chicken had a weird dream, so guest (and Dream Expert), Diane Tanner (CoCo’s real-life mom), provides an insightful interpretation of Chicken’s subconscious. Robotic sniffing maids? Shrink-wrapped baby? HUH?

31: On The QT

It’s almost Puerto Rican Christmas and Chicken is invited! Woo Hoo! CoCo cures cancer (in her dream); let’s all keep a dream journal!

30: A Tale Of Two Gopher-Getters

Dodds has been holding out on the Housewives. Guests Skyler and Dodds Delzell trade secrets with Chicken. Will a turf war erupt? Will we learn what’s under the kilt? Listen to Episode 30 to find out!

29: Feed The Housewives

Guest Serenity Wood engages The Housewives in some sustainable food conversation, housewife hacks and the actual feeding of The Housewives.