Free The Housewives

28: What?? Our Dads Might Be Listening?!

The Housewives are super busy getting ready for all their upcoming events… The Haunted Hotel, a cooking show and their big beer bash! (#GetMeSomeBeerTix) What will their fathers think?

27: Tour of Duty

Guest Madeleine Blanchard offers some coaching to the Housewives on their next possible Tour of Duty. Plus, CoCo and Chicken each have a confessional! Don’t say it if you don’t want it!

26: The New Voice Of Mayonnaise

The Housewives talk to CoCo’s college friend and voice actor, Nickie Bryar (of Family Guy and American Dad) about their latest career plan. Uh Oh! There is a three year waiting list!

25: Secrets From The Nail Salon

CoCo shares the secrets revealed to her during her recent mani/pedi. The Housewives invite a stranger on the podcast. Hint: she’s not a millennial.

24: This One Goes Out To Becca!

The Housewives had a big weekend and now they must decide how to respond to all of their offers. Swinging? Vaping? Voice-over careers? Perhaps a membership to the Daughters of the American Revolution is in their future.

23: Free Lisa Druxman

The Housewives welcome fitness professional, and one of Chicken’s best friends, Lisa Druxman, in studio. They re-live their night out doing improv and Lisa gives The Housewives an exclusive on her upcoming project.

22: Messages From Shadow

Guest Keri Nola invites the Housewives to receive a message from Shadow. What does that mean?? Listen to find out!

21: The Knowing

The Housewives celebrate their 21st episode with the realization that they are still in a rut! Maybe a psychic reading will reveal the path to freeing themselves!

20: Ohh, It Burns!

What’s up with the Housewives? Are they finally going to have to get jobs? Maybe they’ll figure it out after they get to the bottom of whiplash, naked pictures and end-of-summer blues…

19: Can We Talk About Masturbation?

CoCo worries that she may be the only person on Earth who has never masturbated. Chicken confesses a very Un-American opinion: She hates Yosemite!
Special Guest: Carson Smith and his Potty Mouth