Free The Housewives

18: Yes… And!!

The Housewives are planning a “Yes” day. Guest Amy Lisewski from Finest City Improv San Diego teaches them the art of improv and saying “yes” to life!

17: Wonder Woman Is Real

The Housewives get a surprise visit from Wonder Woman!

16: Free Sam the Cooking Guy!

After holding Sam’s photo hostage to get him on the show, the Housewives finally get him in the studio.

15: Peaks and Valleys

The Housewives are in a funk and don’t even know why… is it summer? Hormones? The disaappointment of Sam the Cooking Guy “rescheduling”? Maybe plans to dress like pirate wenches and a dipstick will make it all better. #arrghh!

14: Therapy Session

Therapist Amber Rice provides the Housewives with some much needed therapy and even more fun. From Wonder Woman to Kinky Sex and everything in between.

13: Fitzcarraldo, the New “F” Word

As the Housewives Fitzcarraldo the hell out of the podcast, Demetra Brodsky takes a break from her book revision to provide some writing support.

12: Broken Toes, Boner Class, and Hedonism

The Housewives need to catch up on all things Housewives including poetry, sex education, how Cher “Poped” on CoCo’s head.

10: If You Give A Mom A Margarita

Chicken and CoCo are writing a book! But, things take a strange turn when the book comes to life and they are living it!!

9: Nipples and Pasties and Hoarders, Oh My!

The Housewives discover who is a hoarder and who scares people. Is there an intervention in their future? They also get to know Dottie Deville of Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue.