Free The Housewives

8: Birthdays And Burlesque

In this Episode, CoCo and Chicken talk about Birthdays, Milestones, and how to really free the Housewives with some Burlesque.

7: Meet The Husbands

In this Episode, the Husbands describe what it was like while the Housewives were away!

6: Reunited & It Feels So Good

In This Episode we finally hear from CoCos long lost Prom Date Aaron and Chicken grills him for all the juicy details!

5: A Housewife By Any Other Name

In this episode, CoCo, along with guests Rosie and Elizabeth, will discuss what the title Housewife means to them.

4: The Doctor Is In

In this Episode CoCo and Chicken chat with Dr. Roger Schechter, M.D. about ways to improve your already dazling appearance without a facelift.

3: Bucket Lists And Blind Dates

In this episode CoCo and Chicken talk to Travis Hamilton about Coco’s blind date and friend Marinela about Bucket Lists and living life to the fullest.

2: Time Travel With The Housewives

In this Episode CoCo and Chicken interview Alchemist and Aromatherapist Allison Stillman about Time Travel and Jitterbug Perfume plus an update on CoCo’s Confessional!

1: Get To Know The Housewives

In this episode we meet Coco and Jen, our housewives, learn which one is nice and which one is not so nice, and hear Coco’s confessional.