TAP Into

101: Love is a Two-Letter Word

Pete shares his experiences by saying, “No”, while practicing presence, and shares what ducks have in common with living in the present moment.

100: It’s a BIG Deal!

Is it a BIG deal to reach 100 episodes? Join us for some celebrating and full-circle moments with special guest, Ashley Lee!

99.5: Bring Me a Higher Love – A 2019 Review of Pete

Pete TAPs into the “aha” moments he experienced in 2019, and is creating momentum for the direction of his life moving into 2020.

99: Hiking My Feelings; The Book

Travis welcomes back Sydney and Barry Williams as Sydney discusses her most recent accomplishments; the release of her book, “Hiking My Feelings”.

98: Lost my $hit in Italy

Travis got robbed. Now he’s sick. This should be fun.

97: You Might Have an STD if…

Melissa and Pete talk about the ridiculous claims and assumptions made online.

96: The “D” in DAP

Travis isn’t here, so Pete brings Danielle back for some “DAP Into”.

95: InteGREAT

Pete picks a topic.. or two… or two that he made into one.. InteGREAT. Pete talks about his current “integration phase” and how it’s helping him grow as a human.

93: Wish You Pain

Travis and Pete discuss how pain can cause us to make necessary changes in our lives.