TAP Into

Episode 12 – Attitude of Gratitude

Travis and Pete, with Cassie’s help, Tap Into using gratitude as a tool to change your perspective and ultimately your attitude!

Episode 11 – Reunited And It Feels So Good

Cassie asks Travis and Pete “where the hell of y’all been?” and they fill her in on their 6 week adventure.

Episode 10 – The Love Doctors Are In

Travis and Pete, with the help of producer Cassie, TAP into methods to help you react in a way of love, not fear, and how this can help shape the world you live in.

Episode 9 – Why Am I So Itchy?

Travis and Pete, with the help of producer Cassie, TAP into how to recognize what your soul is yearning for on your journey to assertion and the tools you can use to embrace that why.

Episode 8 – Tell Me Whatcha Want, Whatcha Really Really Want!

Travis and Pete, with the help of Producer Cassie, TAP into expressing what you really want, not what you really DON’T want and using the power of that expression to manifest your desires.

Episode 7 – You Can’t Leave The Harbor With A Hole In Your Boat

You can’t leave the harbor with a hole in your boat. – Travis and Pete TAP into how an healthy body translates into a healthy mind and spirit. They also call upon their friend Vivian Soto to hear her expertise as she transitions her new life into being a personal trainer.

Episode 6 – Are You Following The Dream Or Focusing On The Nightmare?

Travis and Pete TAP into how to change your beliefs and thoughts to be able to see the good in every situation.

Episode 5 – The Spork In The Road

Travis and Pete TAP into what to do when faced with multiple paths in life, AND the opportunities that arise when those paths are a little blocked.

Episode 4 – 5 Communication Tools For Understanding

Travis and Pete TAP into their tools for effective communication in every relationship.

Episode 3 – Who Is Your Inner Circle

Travis and Pete TAP into how your inner circle is a reflection of yourself.