Vegan Danielle

18: Sol-ti

Episode 18 - Lindsay Ray: Sol-ti

Lindsay Ray talks about Sol-ti: A San Diego based company specializing glass-bottled juice! They've adopted a unique light filtration process that uses light rays to preserve their juices without pasteurizing it. For more infomation about Lindsay or Sol-ti, click the links below!

Lindsay Ray:


17: The Humane League

Episode 17 - The Humane League

Beau Broughton talks about his vegan journey along with experience as the Humane League's Grassroots Director. Beau works with The Humane League and activists in San Diego to help minimize animal cruelty.

The Humane League:

Beau Broughton:

16: The Autobiography

Episode 16 - The Autobiography

In this episode, Vegan Danielle is interviewed by fellow vegan podcaster, Victoria Mahdion of Vibrant Raw Living.
So, here it is guys: the dirty, raw truth behind the "Vegan Danielle" you know today!

15: Plants and Balance

Episode 15 - Plants and Balance

Trish Ferrer talks about her vegan journey through medical school, including how she meal-preps as a busy student. She also talks about some of the different fields of study including allopathy, homeopathy and naturopathy.
For more information about Trish, follow her on Instagram at PlantsAndBalance.

14: Kids Care For Animals

Episode 14 - Kids Care For Animals

Specialty Produce Network hosts it's youngest studio guest EVER! 10 year old Jameson and his mother Linda Hernandez talk about their non-profit Kids CARE For Animals as well as their own journeys into veganism.

13: Talking Crap With Dr. Angie, MD

Episode 13 - Talking Crap With Dr. Angie, MD

Gastroenterologist, Dr. Angie Sadeghi talks about the health conditions linked to consuming animal products, along with her personal weight-loss journey. Some of these conditions include: eczema, psoriasis, bloating, constipation, weight loss, IBS and cardio-vascular disease. We also talked about the dangers associated with getting TOO MUCH protein in the typical American diet.
For more information about Dr. Angie, visit these links:
Instagram: @Angie.Sadeghi
Facebook: DrAngieHealth


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