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87: Escaping Your Comfort Zone

In this episode, Victoria shares the importance of getting out of your comfort zone, and shares some of her experiences overcoming mental barriers, as well as the challenges and benefits that came along with the process.

86: The Game Changers

Victoria and Vegan Danielle discuss their opinions of the latest plant-based documentary, The Game Changers.

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85: Supporting Recovery from Depression or Suicidal Crisis

WARNING: This episode may be triggering to those with a past including suicidal crisis or depression, and listener discretion is advised. 18+

If you or someone you know is dealing with depression or a behavioral health crisis, this cannot only be stressful for the individual experiencing the symptoms, but it can also be overwhelming for those trying to be of service / support, and help their friend or loved one through this time. In this informative episode, Victoria shares details about depression and suicide, how to be aware of warning signs, setting up a plan for support, safety, and recovery, as well as self-care habits that can be positively implemented for the most effective resilience after dealing with this challenging adversity.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: or Call 1-800-273-8255
Crisis Text Line: 741-741
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:
Mental Health Apps:,review-2397.html

84: Toxic Positivity

In this episode, Victoria dives into the phenomenon of toxic positivity as it encourages ignoring negative emotions, and has become increasingly prominent on social platforms. Even though this philosophy seemingly promotes a positive mindset in regards to accepting all emotions, as well as doing whatever possible to work through them, it essentially has the opposite impact on many people, and ends up shaming those with anxiety and depression.

83: Envy

Envy is a highly toxic emotion and feeling. With more comparison culture on social media now than ever, some use this as a way for living out their individuality, but it can be triggering for others that see others in their same field doing better or differently than them etc. We all are blessed with certain gifts and the potential we reach with those gifts really is up to us. you are doing this, and others are doing this too. There is a major barrier that gets in the way of this happening, and this is envy.

82: Steven Wakabayashi – Meditation & Mindfulness

Steven Wakabayashi is currently on a journey exploring meditation and mindfulness around the world. He has been meditating for over 12 years with supporting practices in Buddhism, yoga, and dance.

Before this journey, he was leading creative teams in San Francisco for many recognizable brands including Apple, Salesforce, Sephora, and Workday. After a major health crisis, he decided to depart from his corporate lifestyle to explore and share meditation practices in six countries around the world.

You can follow him on his current journey at:

Instagram: @StevenWakabayashi
Twitter: @wakuu
YouTube: Steven Wakabayashi

81: Importance of Empathy

In this episode, Victoria shares the importance of empathy in our day-to-day interactions in-person and online. By detailing the contrast in extremes between em-paths, narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths, as well as investigating the concept of empathy within these labels, the inclusion of acts of empathy prove to be of great importance when it comes to healthy interactions.

80: Abandonment

Recovering from feelings, past experiences regarding abandonment can be challenging, and if not dealt with, can affect one’s ability to construct healthy relationships.

Victoria discusses how to navigate abandonment and how one can recover from past experiences to develop more consciousness towards one’s actions and behaviors in the future.

79: Social Media & Mental Health

Victoria dives into the connection between social media and mental health, discussing how it affects one’s individual focus, socialization, behavioral/mental health, critical thinking skills, and how it can even lead towards narcissistic tendencies.

78: Navigating Pain, Part 2

Continuing from Episode 77, Victoria discusses how we can turn our pain into purpose, as well as be a positive presence when helping others navigate pain in their lives.