Vibrant Raw Living

76: Self Reflection

Victoria discusses how our ability to self reflect influences our relationship to ourselves and how our relationship with ourselves is the primary relationship which influences all other relationships in our life in a multi-dimensional way.

75: Anxiety, Depression & Stress

Anxiety and depression have become highly relevant with the rise in the use of technology and social media. Victoria discusses the potential causes and solutions that can be put into place to balance out times of emotional turmoil, as well as how to reduce the stigma around mental health issues.

74: Dianna Hanken – Perserverance

Victoria and her guest Dianna Hanken discuss perseverance, the difference between “feelings” and “intuition”, as well as working through mental blocks.

73: Deciding to Commit

Victoria discusses some foundational questions which are beneficial to ask prior to marking commitments.

72: Pursuit of Purity and Perfection

Victoria details how the pursuit for purity and perfection can be and often times is unhealthy, unsustainable, and can even be dangerous.

71: Cortland Anderson | Om Kombucha

Victoria hosts Cortland Anderston of Om Brewing Company and talks about his thriving kombucha business and how it developed after his journey exploring professional modeling, yoga, massage and reiki.
@OMKombucha on Instagram
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70: Vegan News 2

Vegan Danielle has a podcast. I am vegan and have a podcast. Together we recorded this episode to discuss some prominent vegans suddenly not being vegan anymore.
Danielle feels that money and greed have taken precedence over the animals and has less sympathy for these people. I try to take a more understanding approach towards these types of situations.
In this episode Danielle and I discuss these topics and the possible repercussions of people’s actions in the media.

69: Communication

Victoria discusses positive and negative habits when it comes to communication in interpersonal relationships.

68: Releasing with Love

Victoria discusses why it is so important to let go of past mental processes, behaviors, and habits to let positive growth processes take their place.

67: Support Systems

Victoria discusses the importance of creating a solid support group in your life as early as possible.