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60: Bianca Ramirez – Awaken the Movement

Victoria is joined by founder of Awaken the Movement, Bianca Ramirez, as they discuss contemporary spiritual and mental health in regard to teens and young adults.

57: 2018 Reflections

Victoria reflects on socio-cultural changes that she’s observed in the realms of social media, mental health and people living fulfilled lives over the past year, and notes certain episodes’ importance in discussing these issues in greater depth.

56: Olga Ginzberg – Step 2 Dance

Join Victoria and her guest Olga Ginzburg.
Olga is not only one of California’s top competing Latin Professionals, but a very talented teacher and children’s dance coach and instructor in San Diego.
Moving to San Diego from the Ukraine, Olga has been dancing since she was 9 years old. She has been formally trained in Standard and Latin, and has won several competitions throughout the nation, including the US National Professional Rising Star International Latin Championship.

Olga currently coaches one of the largest groups of ballroom dancesport children in the state.


49: Justin Quandt & Anthony Andrieux – Fusion Dance

Join Victoria and her guests Justin Quandt and Anthony Andrieux as they discuss rejection, lessons in the performing arts which translate out into life, and how creating fusion with diversity can lead to incredible & sustainable long-term growth.

Justin has traveled the world performing and training with some of the worlds finest instructors, is a multi-talented dancer, instructor, and competition judge.

Anthony has been successfully managing businesses for the past 15 years. After graduating in Limoges, France his hometown, Anthony moved to Paris, and after traveling the world, calls San Diego home.
Together, Justin and Anthony opened Fusion Dance Solana Beach, where they continue to create and promote a professional, fun and family-friendly environment for families and students of many ages to enjoy dance.

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40: Body Image

Victoria discusses the ways we can be more conscious of creating a healthier body image for ourselves. She also identifies the many major contributors to a negative body image.

39: Emotional Eating

In this episode, Victoria breaks down contributing facts to emotional eating and offers alternative ways to deal with stress when it comes to food.

38: Senses

Victoria discusses how we can use our senses to bring us back to the present moment.

37: Improving The Moment

In this episode, Victoria discusses how distraction can be used as a technique to cope with emotional intensity, and also shares skills in regards to improving the moment.