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Episode 114 – Food Fable: Peppermint

Plated Earth Food Fables are short historical fiction stories about produce and its ability to connect people, culture, and history. This Food Fable shares a legend of how peppermint candy canes were invented by a German choirmaster who needed to keep his choir kids quiet during a Christmas ceremony.

99.5: Bring Me a Higher Love – A 2019 Review of Pete

Pete TAPs into the “aha” moments he experienced in 2019, and is creating momentum for the direction of his life moving into 2020.

24: It’s the Law, Baby!

We look at new California laws affecting the food industry that went into effect on January 1, 2020, what they mean and how those laws may impact owners and staff.

11: When Following Your Dreams Brings Comfort Foods to the World!

Edible San Diego Publisher Katie Stokes chats with Chef Alynn Silliman from Neat Underground, a popup restaurant in Imperial Beach’s Red House Kitchen. Chef Alynn talks about how she came to be a chef, what rustic, comfort-food cooking means to her, and why sourcing locally is so important.

8: Dr. Cindy Lin Talks Social Good Intelligence

In this episode we sit down with Cindy Lin. Cindy is the co-founder and CEO of Hove Social Good Intelligence, a mission-to-action lifestyle company working to connect people to Do Good companies and companies to positive impact.

Hove’s new consumer facing product, Hey Social Good, will be launched Jan 2020. Hey Social Good will connect people to purchasing with purpose by building meaningful data stories to show positive social and environmental impact. Their mission is to enrich people’s lives with well researched information and social good alternatives that inspire people to become a force for good.

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FB: @hovesocialgood

7: Produce Good!

In this episode we speak with Nita Kurmins Gilson, Co-founder of ProduceGood, a food recovery nonprofit in San Diego County. Nita and her team are recovering some of the 40% of food that is wasted daily and delivering this to the 1 in 6 people who are food insecure. They do this by recovering excess from backyards, farms & Farmers Markets; upcycling unwanted produce to the food system; and engaging and inspiring our community to reduce food waste & hunger

We asked Nita what she is most excited about, right now. Here is her inspiring answer:
“KIDS! I just gave a presentation to 5 classes of first grade gardening students at Cardiff Elementary. Their gardening instructor, a wonderful young man named Jonathan Kardos, wanted to teach the kids about the whole food system, including food waste and food insecurity. They offered to donate the harvest from 10 of the 20 beds of veggies they had grown. I believe that Berry Good Foundation granted Mr. Kardos funds to build another school garden in the district, at Ada Harris school. So, it was WONDERFUL to see the full circle! Kids feeding community. They were so stoked to be able to harvest 70 pounds of their own grown bounty and donate this to Community Resource Center, a local charity that does amazing work, in Encinitas.”

Tune in to learn more about the evolution of this incredible company.

99: Hiking My Feelings; The Book

Travis welcomes back Sydney and Barry Williams as Sydney discusses her most recent accomplishments; the release of her book, “Hiking My Feelings”.

23: Creating a Beautiful Heart

Physician-turned-author Elizabeth Sage Epstein shares the motivation behind a new cookbook that seeks to debunk the myth that eating healthy must be boring, tasteless and lacking in creativity.

10: Patty Edelburg & Emma Lindberg – National Farmer’s Union

Patty Edelburg and Emma Lindburg from the National Farmers Union discuss challenges to women farmers across the country and their national Women’s Farming Conference in January 2020 in San Diego. Women farmers face challenges experienced by all farmers around the world, but through joining the National Farmers Union, other groups or attending their conferences, women farmers can build their knowledge, skills and a personal network. Folks in cities can best support women farmers by buying direct from them, something easier and more year-round in San Diego than almost anywhere else. Publisher Katie Stokes shared cooking tips on using your freezer proactively for making, having and using soup stock in your kitchen – using your time well, stretching your food dollar, maximizing nutrition and minimizing food waste.

22: Food Fight: Good to You, or Good for You

There is a ton of talk about the benefits of healthy eating. But, is anyone listening? Physician, Elizabeth Sage Epstein breaks down the facts about what a heart-healthy diet really means, and the challenges of getting the public to buy the concept.