Category: Food

99: Hiking My Feelings; The Book

Travis welcomes back Sydney and Barry Williams as Sydney discusses her most recent accomplishments; the release of her book, “Hiking My Feelings”.

23: Creating a Beautiful Heart

Physician-turned-author Elizabeth Sage Epstein shares the motivation behind a new cookbook that seeks to debunk the myth that eating healthy must be boring, tasteless and lacking in creativity.

10: Patty Edelburg & Emma Lindberg – National Farmer’s Union

Patty Edelburg and Emma Lindburg from the National Farmers Union discuss challenges to women farmers across the country and their national Women’s Farming Conference in January 2020 in San Diego. Women farmers face challenges experienced by all farmers around the world, but through joining the National Farmers Union, other groups or attending their conferences, women farmers can build their knowledge, skills and a personal network. Folks in cities can best support women farmers by buying direct from them, something easier and more year-round in San Diego than almost anywhere else. Publisher Katie Stokes shared cooking tips on using your freezer proactively for making, having and using soup stock in your kitchen – using your time well, stretching your food dollar, maximizing nutrition and minimizing food waste.

22: Food Fight: Good to You, or Good for You

There is a ton of talk about the benefits of healthy eating. But, is anyone listening? Physician, Elizabeth Sage Epstein breaks down the facts about what a heart-healthy diet really means, and the challenges of getting the public to buy the concept.

Episode 113 – Food Buzz: History of Peppermint

The Food Buzz highlights specific produce facts and history to help guide future produce exploration.

90: Permission

Victoria shares the importance of not waiting to ask permission when it come to showing up as the highest quality version as yourself when it comes to kindness, making course corrections in life, forgiveness, and more.

6: Homestead Solana Beach

Meet Jamie and Marie, a dynamic couple who have built great businesses based on their belief that good food should be humble and comforting. These two are firmly committed to sourcing great ingredients, and letting those ingredients shine by “getting out of their way.” Learn about this team’s journey from event planners to caterers to restaurateurs, as they raised a family and stayed true to their core values about food.

9: Katherine Zimmer; Visit Escondido

Katherine Zimmer, Tourism & Marketing Manager at Visit Escondido joins us today. Broad and deep experience in helping localities really shine, whether that’s been through leadership with tourism, Chambers of Commerce, marketing or business communications. Katherine has developed quite a strong network of attractions in San Diego North that I encourage you to learn about online with their website and social media platforms.

89: Health Benefits of Extreme Heat

Victoria shares the benefits of exposing the body to extreme heat stress after 11 years of personal experience with hot yoga, saunas, steam rooms, as well as the use of Swedish and Korean spas. Benefits of heat shock proteins, the many benefits of FOX03 gene, and more are discussed.

5: Changing Tides with Becky Mendoza

Meet the co-founder and Executive Director of Changing Tides, a group of adventurous female change-makers that team up with local organizations globally to raise awareness and address social, environmental, health and safety concerns. In this episode Becky talks about her evolution as an advocate and shares tips for a zero-waste lifestyle that are easy and accessible to all. She also shares about her work with The Community Compost Movement, and gives us the scoop on how we can compost at home! Huge thanks to Becky Mendoza for taking the time to tell this inspiring story!