Category: Lifestyle

91: Boundaries and Expectations

In this episode, Victoria discusses having boundaries around expectations as well as the concept that gratitude for blessings, and being open-minded to reciprocity regarding good karma coming from alternate sources rather than needing to be exclusively from the source originally invested in.

99: Hiking My Feelings; The Book

Travis welcomes back Sydney and Barry Williams as Sydney discusses her most recent accomplishments; the release of her book, “Hiking My Feelings”.

41: Star Sailor’s League 2019

Dennis Conner is back to talk about the Star Sailor’s League, along with three-way photo finish between three separate teams!

90: Permission

Victoria shares the importance of not waiting to ask permission when it come to showing up as the highest quality version as yourself when it comes to kindness, making course corrections in life, forgiveness, and more.

89: Health Benefits of Extreme Heat

Victoria shares the benefits of exposing the body to extreme heat stress after 11 years of personal experience with hot yoga, saunas, steam rooms, as well as the use of Swedish and Korean spas. Benefits of heat shock proteins, the many benefits of FOX03 gene, and more are discussed.

40: Your Questions, Answered

Dennis answers questions from listeners on FaceBook as his producer Danielle reads them off.

88: Power of not Taking Things Personally

Victoria shares how to avoid taking things personal from family, acquaintances, when receiving criticism, and online, as well as how to practice affirming your own worth rather than allow others to define it.

157: A Loving Bedtime

How to create a magical bedtime full of love!

98: Lost my $hit in Italy

Travis got robbed. Now he’s sick. This should be fun.

39: AC75 Update

Bill Trenkle, Inductee to the National Sailing Hall of Fame, joins Dennis live in studio!