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166: The Heartful Mind with Dr. Joe Delaney

Reducing stress, anxiety and depression by focusing on feelings first.

162: Who Am I with K8 the HeARTist

Join K8 the HeARTist as we journey through our experiences in Life discovering what creates the I Am of me!

161: Co-Creative Awakening Summit

Championing Adults to support themselves and the new children with inspirations from the experts.

151: Choices Can Be Challenging

Experience how creating conscious choices in our lives can be easy to navigate through the Conscious Choice Challenge 101.

147: Summer Brain Boost

Identifying specific struggles in learning leads to foundational changes for life!

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103: Connecting Conscious Children

Connecting kids to their happy place, knowing who they are and their feelings through supporting Parents in experiencing a transformation in themselves, first!

49: Essential Oils 101 with Marah Estrada

Scout chats with Marah Estrada about everything essential oils. Marah goes into how she first fell in love with essential oils and opens up about her experience with postpartum depression. Marah is a wealth of knowledge and dishes out which essential oils are good for what. In addition to the essential oils talk, Marah also touches upon what mental health means to her and how essential oils can combat depression and anxiety.

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100: Upschooling… New Horizons!

Creating learning environments by fostering natural curiosity and true expressions with Summer and Reagan Williams.