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93: Wish You Pain

93: Wish You Pain


Travis and Pete discuss how pain can cause us to make necessary changes in our lives.

178: José for Congress

178: José for Congress


José Caballero grew up in a small town in Texas to parents of Panamanian, Puerto Rican, and Mexican descent. Until the age of five, José grew up with both parents, however, after José's father was imprisoned for drug dealing and money laundering, his mother was forced to raise him and his younger sister on a less than average income, working multiple jobs to support them.

Today, José is running for US Congress CA53 to end all animal agriculture subsidies and inform the public of the health dangers associated with animal products, but his story had a bit of an interesting start to it.

Disclosure: Although I've allowed a politician on the show, I do not discuss my personal association (or lack of association) with political parties.

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14: Sushi – It’s All About the Rice, Part 1

14: Sushi - It's All About the Rice, Part 1


This month, we take a brief look at the origins of sushi and the evolution and Americanization of this delicacy in the United States.
We also interview Master Sushi Chef, Jeff Roberto and talk about his past, present and future in a food genre that happens to be captivating audiences around the planet!

38: Route du Rhum

38: Route du Rhum


Dennis Conner talks about The Route de Rhum; the transatlantic single-handed yacht race that takes place every 4 years in November.

174: Horses are not Machines!

174: Horses are not Machines!

With Del Mar Racing Season in full swing, Ellen Ericksen is back to talk about the horses! According to, as of July 2019, the beginning of the season for California, 63 horses have already been reported as dead as a result of this cruel industry, people call a "sport". Unfortunately, the reported deaths are often modest compared to the actual deaths due to under-reporting and other deceitful conduct, in order to keep numbers low, and ticket sales high.

Current stats (CA only), as of 7/24/2019:
Del Mar: 2 dead
Golden Gate Fields: 13 dead
Los Alamitos Race Course: 10 dead
Santa Anita Park: 35 dead
Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton: 3 dead

Protests every Saturday at 11:30am at Del Mar until September 3rd, 2019
For protest updates and more about Ellen,

References and statistics by Horse Racing Wrongs:
Website (updated frequently):

S2: 35 – Kris & David of An’s Dry Cleaning | FM Report: WK4 July An’s Flavors

S2: 35 - Kris & David of An's Dry Cleaning | FM Report: WK4 July An's Flavors


Kris and David of An's Dry Cleaning tell us all about how the business got it's funky name and Joe Herrmann talks about the special Farmer's Market items used to create some of the company's coolest flavors!

Private Tasting Giveaway:
Leave a comment on the Dine Local SD Facebook page with your favorite flavor from An's!

S2: 34 – Andrew Santana of Campfire | FM Report: WK3 July Peppers

S2: 34 - Andrew Santana of Campfire | FM Report: WK3 July Peppers


The Dine Local SD podcast welcomes Chef Andrew Santana - the newly announced chef of Campfire, Carlsbad! Plus, a Farmer's Market Report with Joe and Joe, featuring peppers.

147: Summer Brain Boost

147: Summer Brain Boost


Identifying specific struggles in learning leads to foundational changes for life!

Lynda G. Detweiler-Newcomb Director
The Encinitas Learning Center 543 Encinitas Blvd.
#100 Encinitas, California 92024
Phone: (760) 634-6886 | Fax: (760) 634-0646

12: The San Diego Wine Culture, Part 1

12: The San Diego Wine Culture, Part 1


This month, we look at the explosion of vineyards, wineries and tasting rooms in San Diego County! Meet a celebrated local wine judge and get up close and personal with an award-winning San Diego winemaker!

S2: 33 – Rob Ruiz of Land + Water Co. | FM Report: WK2 July Midsummer’s Produce Dream

S2: 33 – Rob Ruiz of Land + Water Co. | FM Report: WK2 July Midsummer's Produce Dream


Rob Ruiz of The Land & Water Co. comes on to talk all about his upcoming event "Gastronomy without Borders" by Edible San Diego with Javier Plascencia. Joe Herrmann shares the aftermath of Fourth of July weekend along with what's crackin' in the Farmer's Market cooler!


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