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56: Burnout-Proof Your Biz with Chelsea Foster

Scout chats with Chelsea Foster about entrepreneurship, how not to burn out, what self love looks like and mental health.

Episode 66 – Food Fable: Guavas

Plated Earth Food Fables are original short historical fiction stories about produce and its ability to connect people, culture, and history. This Food Fable is a retelling of a legend from the Philippines that explains how the guava got its name and its crown from a selfish, cruel King who was cursed for his wrongdoings.

60: Greg Frey Jr. | Passion for Sharing | The Golden Door

Join host Kat Humphus on her last episode as she interviews Chef Greg Frey of the Golden Door. They talk about how the San Diego food scene has changed over the past 8 years, the importance of having connection to food and the earth, and how to keep guests engaged in the dining experience.

61: DAP Into

Welcome to DAP Into! An episode where the “T” of “TAP Into” is absent! That’s right, Travis is out of the studio, so Producer Danielle joins Pete for this episode. In today’s episode, we talk all about life’s obstacles, current frustrations, and how we (attempt to) manage them on a daily basis.

Episode 65 – Food Buzz: History of Guavas

The Food Buzz highlights specific produce facts and history to help guide future produce exploration.

94: A Storyteller For The Animals

Ellen Ericksen, returning guest from Episode 88, dives a little deeper into the Del Mar Racetrack and exposes more of the hideous truths behind the business. With money being a key motivator, a lot of work is done to cover up what really happens on the track! Recently, there was some minor coverage for the death of horse, Bobby Abu Dhabi, but unfortunately rider Victor Espinoza has received much greater attention for his non-fatal injury. The last part of the podcast dives into the more widely known topic of Sea World.

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1: Behind Farm to Table

A short discussion with Chef Steve Brown and farmer Mannah Gbeh about the labor of farming and a preview of the now passed panel discussion on 11/15/2017. For more information about upcoming BGFF events, visit our FaceBook page at