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160: Saving our Coastlines

Bringing awareness to how EVERYONE can contribute to protecting our Coastlines globally, around the World.

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159: Being in the Flow

In the Flow of Life through ease and simplicity offers peace and joy in one’s life!

158: Creating Profound Gratitude

Discover just how much gratitude you create in Life through the Conflict Resolution Protocol.

95: InteGREAT

Pete picks a topic.. or two… or two that he made into one.. InteGREAT. Pete talks about his current “integration phase” and how it’s helping him grow as a human.

17: Sun, Wine, Italy & Elaine

Co-host Elaine Ardizzone recounts her recent experience teaching wine classes aboard a luxury cruise ship off the coast of Italy. Elaine is a certified sommelier and noted wine expert along with being the nationally recognized owner of Sweet Cheeks Baking Company.

85: Supporting Recovery from Depression or Suicidal Crisis

WARNING: This episode may be triggering to those with a past including suicidal crisis or depression, and listener discretion is advised. 18+

If you or someone you know is dealing with depression or a behavioral health crisis, this cannot only be stressful for the individual experiencing the symptoms, but it can also be overwhelming for those trying to be of service / support, and help their friend or loved one through this time. In this informative episode, Victoria shares details about depression and suicide, how to be aware of warning signs, setting up a plan for support, safety, and recovery, as well as self-care habits that can be positively implemented for the most effective resilience after dealing with this challenging adversity.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: or Call 1-800-273-8255
Crisis Text Line: 741-741
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:
Mental Health Apps:,review-2397.html

16: This is Where the Beef is

Eric Brandt, owner of Brandt Beef and One World Beef will discuss growing up in the meat industry, the history of Brandt and the transition to the One World Beef concept. The discussion will also look at the growing trend of plant-based “meat” products and what that may mean for companies like Brandt.

150: 2020 Conscious Parenting

Discover how Conscious Parenting raises the level of Awareness in our Households creating elevated Peace and Harmony with Dani Henderson of Kids Soul Speak.

84: Toxic Positivity

In this episode, Victoria dives into the phenomenon of toxic positivity as it encourages ignoring negative emotions, and has become increasingly prominent on social platforms. Even though this philosophy seemingly promotes a positive mindset in regards to accepting all emotions, as well as doing whatever possible to work through them, it essentially has the opposite impact on many people, and ends up shaming those with anxiety and depression.