Center for Conscious Kids supports families in connecting with innovative schools; alternative health practitioners; planet friendly events; dynamic learning programs; such a recycling and up-cycling; and organic healthy food options to live consciously aware lives! Our Conscious Living Podcast series was created to inform our listeners about companies who present a deeper awareness and are creating to better our world for everyone! Episodes alternate between an introduction of conscious companies and discussions of ways to live life Consciously!




141: Small Footprint Family

Creating a sustainable World begins at Home!

140: 2000 Mile Journey of a Lifetime

Building relationships in Zero Gravity, 1000 miles away from shore.

139: The ART of Living in Love with Life with K8 the heARTist

Coming to You Live from the Streets of Barcelona, Spain sharing in the context of how creating ART in our lives for kids brings in creativity and the Art of Living in Love!

138: Getting Through Harder Times with Sophia Valenty and Courtney Harter

How to deal with the emotions that come with the difficult parts of life.

137: Caring for the Caregiver, with Rachel Gant, MT BC

As Caregivers and parents of children, we need time out for self nurturing and self care too! Experience Fun and Relaxation with the Music of Resounding Joy! |

136: EFT is for Everyone... Even Kids! with Kristie Blakesley

Emotional Freedom Technique is a beautiful process to support children who experience overwhelm and emotional challenges.

135: Living Happier Daily with Sophia Valenty and Madison Malloy

Becoming Happier Daily - is something you consciously do for yourself. We share how you can make that possible!

134: Why the Gods Have No Fear

The consciousness of human evolution, the phases we go through and how can we accelerate that process?
Aaron Barry, Master NLP Coach, Practitioner and Trainer

133: Andy's Chairs

See how Andy inspirationally creates Chairs that Heal.

132: Energetic Family Mentoring with Ashley Lee, Pediatric Advanced Energy Healer

Create family harmony through Energy Healing that guides amazing relationships!


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