Center for Conscious Kids supports families in connecting with innovative schools; alternative health practitioners; planet friendly events; dynamic learning programs; such a recycling and up-cycling; and organic healthy food options to live consciously aware lives! Our Conscious Living Podcast series was created to inform our listeners about companies who present a deeper awareness and are creating to better our world for everyone! Episodes alternate between an introduction of conscious companies and discussions of ways to live life Consciously!




104: Access Inner Guidance

Your Inner Guidance is accessed through connecting to Infinite Knowledge.

103: Connecting Conscious Children

Connecting kids to their happy place, knowing who they are and their feelings through supporting Parents in experiencing a transformation in themselves, first!

102: Business Intuition Technologies

Deepen the connection you have with your Inner Guidance in Business with
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101: Malia Johnson, Island Girl

Listen to the soulful island girl, Malia Johnson, about her newly acoustic EP!

For more Malia:

100: Upschooling... New Horizons!

Creating learning environments by fostering natural curiosity and true expressions with Summer and Reagan Williams

99: Student Leadership Program

Creating Kindness, Compassion and Vision of Equality for All!

98: "Beeing" Conscious with Our Food with Summer's Kitchen & Reagan Williams

Finding a solution!

97: Sports Transferable Programming with Jason Waiton of Nakoa Performance

Sports transferable programming helps kids become aware of a holistic approach to moving their body and being well.

96: Hearing Your Body Speak Through Intuition Technologies

Connecting the innate intelligence of your body to your awareness to choose foods that energize you!

95. Cooking With Love

How time and attention can change and heal our families, our relationship to food and each other.


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