Dinelocalsd serving up the latest in the San Diego culinary world with a pinch of history. Join Kat Humphus and Kelly Orange as they explore the San Diego food scene, talk events, weekly specials and one on ones with the creative minds who continue to push the culinary envelope. Be part of the conversion, watch us on Facebook live.



S2: 06 – TJ Rattray of Peace Pies | FM Report: WK 3 Oct – Pears/Persimmons

TJ from Peace Pies talks about Whole Plant-Based Foods, and the brand new Peace Pies’ cookbook “Fresh, Funky and Raw” by JP Alfred. Plus, Joe Herrmann talks fills us in about pears and what..? "Magic" Persimmons?!

S2: 05 - Chef Anthony Sinsay Of Jsix | FM Report: WK 2 Oct - Persimmons

Chef Anthony Sinsay promotes his upcoming event “Manila Galleon”; a celebration of both Filipino and Latin American heritage and trade relationship.

S2: 04 - Chef Kat Johnson of Luce | FM Report: WK4 Sept - Apples

Chef Kat Johnson of Luce joins the podcast to describe Luce’s unique marriage of seasonal ingredients, Italian tradition and Gastropub flare!

S2: 03 – Chef Frankie Becerra | FM Report: WK3 Sept – Fall Squash

Chef Frankie Becerra of Cucina Urbana joins Nick as they chat about pizzas, polenta, pasta and the upcoming San Diego Restaurant Week menu. In the Farmer's Market Report, Nick is joined by Joe Herrmann and Brandy Reynolds! Today's report features a few new items (like squash) that hit the Farmer's Market this week, along with the last of the summer produce to be phased out! Also, Ashley Brophy joins the podcast to give the insider's scoop on SD Restaurant Week!

S2: 02 - Chef Colten Lemmer of Union Kitchen and Tap Gaslamp | FM Report: WK2 Sept - Pears

Chef Colten Lemmer of Gaslamp Union Kitchen and Tap and joins Nick and they discuss what makes a Gastro pub and their upcoming San Diego Restaurant Week menu. In the Farmer's Market Report, Nick is joined by Joe Herrmann and Joe Buckshnis as well as Nathan Bochler for a discussion about the first signs of fall including pears and honeynut squash. It’s also 5 o’clock somewhere with Monica Castillo as she recaps Barrio Star’s happy hour.

S2: 01 - Chef Lety McKenzie of Beer Fish | FM Report: WK1 Sept - Figs

Farmers market team leader Joe Hermann talks about local Summer produce with a focus on figs. FM team member Brandi Reynolds reports on what Chef Jason Knibb of 910 is doing with scotch bonnet peppers. Kate Irick visits Leap coffee . For the main course Nick interviews chef Lety McKenzie of Beerfish on Adams Avenue in Northpark.

60: Greg Frey Jr. | Passion for Sharing | The Golden Door

Join host Kat Humphus on her last episode as she interviews Chef Greg Frey of the Golden Door. They talk about how the San Diego food scene has changed over the past 8 years, the importance of having connection to food and the earth, and how to keep guests engaged in the dining experience.

59: Bencotto & Monello | I Want It To Feel Like Home | Little Italy

Join Kat Humphus as she interview co-owner of Little Italy favorites, Bencotto and Monello, Valentina Di Pietro. Valentina, originally from Milan, was in the fashion industry working for Dolce and Gabbana before deciding to open a restaurant with her husband. In this episode, they discuss what it's like to open a restaurant with your husband, the vast array of skills needed to open a restaurant, and a willingness to change and adapt. In addition, the talk about the special regional italian street food they have brought to their restaurants, to make it feel and taste just like home.

58: Wrench & Rodent / The Plot Restaurant | Turning the Restaurant Industry Upside Down | Oceanside

Join host Kat Humphus as she talks with Davin and Jessica Waite and Christopher Logan. They talk about their new plant-based, no-waste concept, The Plot. They also discuss ways that the restaurant industry can evolve, the importance of human connection in the industry, and new ways to look at our food and our part in it.

57: Phillip Esteban | Creating & Cultivating Community in the San Diego Food Scene | Consortium Holdings

Join in as host Kat Humphus interviews Chef Phillip Esteban- the Research and Development Chef of Consortium Holdings, one of San Diego’s most innovative restaurant groups. Kat and Phil talk about the importance of creating and cultivating community within the restaurants, and also our own San Diego Food Scene. What is “San Diego” regional food? How can consumers best support the SD Food Scene? What is the best way for young cooks to get ahead in the kitchen? Tune in to find out!

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