Dinelocalsd serving up the latest in the San Diego culinary world with a pinch of history. Join Kat Humphus and Kelly Orange as they explore the San Diego food scene, talk events, weekly specials and one on ones with the creative minds who continue to push the culinary envelope. Be part of the conversion, watch us on Facebook live.



S2: 39 - Big Table to the Rescue! | FM Report: WK4 Sept Fall Fruits in Full Swing


Summer is ending and Fall is here; Joe Herrmann shares all that's to be expected in the Farmer's Market Cooler. Nick speaks with Kevin Finch of Big Table; an organization that cares for people in crisis.

S2: 38 - Peter Ziegler of Charles + Dinorah FM Report: WK2 Sept Hard Squash & Fall Tree Fruit


With Fall, comes Fruit and the seasons are about to change, which means that a whole new selection appears in the Farmer's Market Cooler, and Joe Herrmann is here to talk about it! Also, Chef Peter Ziegler is here to tell us all about Charles and Dinorah.

S2: 37 - Jason + Stephanie of Palette / Palate | FM Report: WK5 Aug End of Stone Fruit, Beginning of Fall


Joe Herrmann talks all about the End-of-Summer-Beginning-of-Fall produce. Jason and Stephanie of Palette // Palate talk about their 5 Course "Food Inspired by Art" and "Art Inspired by Food".

S2: 36 - Matt Johnson of Trident Coffee | FM Report: WK3 Aug Figs & Squash


Matt Johnson of Trident Coffee explains the process of cold brew and a bit about MCT Oil and it's benefit to the body. Joe Herrmann gives us a sneak peek at figs and squash.

S2: 35 - Kris & David of An's Dry Cleaning | FM Report: WK4 July An's Flavors


Kris and David of An's Dry Cleaning tell us all about how the business got it's funky name and Joe Herrmann talks about the special Farmer's Market items used to create some of the company's coolest flavors!

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S2: 34 - Andrew Santana of Campfire | FM Report: WK3 July Peppers


The Dine Local SD podcast welcomes Chef Andrew Santana - the newly announced chef of Campfire, Carlsbad! Plus, a Farmer's Market Report with Joe and Joe, featuring peppers.

S2: 33 – Rob Ruiz of Land + Water Co. | FM Report: WK2 July Midsummer's Produce Dream


Rob Ruiz of The Land & Water Co. comes on to talk all about his upcoming event "Gastronomy without Borders" by Edible San Diego with Javier Plascencia. Joe Herrmann shares the aftermath of Fourth of July weekend along with what's crackin' in the Farmer's Market cooler!

S2: 32 – Chef Adrien Villarreal of Tahona | FM Report: WK1 July Summer Staples


Today's Farmer's Market Report features Summer staples like eggplant, squash and melons! Also, Chef Adrien Villarreal is in for a chat about Mezcal!

S2: 31 - Chef James Montejano of Huntress & Lumi | FM Report: WK3 June Summer's Heat

Chef James Montejano of Huntress and Lumi gives us a sneak peak of what's to come. Joe Herrmann and Joe Buckshnis tell us what's to be expected in the Farmer's Market with Summer in full swing!

S2: 30 - Chef Justin Vaiciunas of Luca at The Guild Hotel

Chef Justin Caiciunas of Luca at The Guild Hotel is new to San Diego and bringing life into a classic San Diego building. Also, the Farmer's Market report with Joe Herrmann features 'A Slow Start To Summer'.

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