Dinelocalsd serving up the latest in the San Diego culinary world with a pinch of history. Join Kat Humphus and Kelly Orange as they explore the San Diego food scene, talk events, weekly specials and one on ones with the creative minds who continue to push the culinary envelope. Be part of the conversion, watch us on Facebook live.



S2: 19 – Chef Denise Covert of The Crossings | FM Report: WK 3 Feb Bitter Greens

Chef Denise Covert of The Crossings in Carlsbad. Plus, a Farmer's Market Report featuring Joe Herrmann and Joe Buckschniss talking all about bitter greens.

S2: 18 - Mary Kay Waters | FM Report: WK5 Jan Tehachapi Grain Project

Mary Kay Waters publishes her first cookbook, “Waters Fine Foods” plus a FM report featuring Tehachapi Grain Project and the US Grant.

S2: 17 - Chef Augie Saucedo of Covo La Jolla | FM Report: WK 4 Jan Fungus

Chef Augie Saucedo of Covo La Jolla shares his passion for making your events memorable. Joe Herrmann and Brandy Reynolds are here for a Farmers Market Report, there’s a fungus among us. Plus the Dine Local team visits Harry's Coffee Shop in La Jolla.

S2: 16 - Sean McCart of Mille Fleurs In Rancho Santa Fe | FM Report: WK 3 Jan Blood Oranges & Bad Weather

After a winter break the Dine local SD Podcast is back with blood oranges and Chef Sean McCart of Mille Fleurs restaurant. Plus, stay tuned for a San Diego Restaurant Week preview.

S2: 15 - Steven Lona of Waterbar in Pacific Beach | FM Report: WK 3 Dec Winter Savories

Views, booze, and great food at Waterbar thanks to Steven Lona. Plus, lunchin’ at Decoy, FM Report: winter vegetables.

S2: 14 – Kris Warren of An’s Dry Cleaning in North Park | FM Report: WK 2 Dec Winter Melon & Lemon Varietals

Nick shares with you his favorite new culinary experience featuring Kris Warren of An’s Dry Cleaning in Northpark. An’s Dry Cleaning offers tastings to everybody; featuring their incredibly creative and balanced seasonal menu! Plus, Joe Herrmann and Brandi Reynolds give a Farmer’s Market Report featuring pink lemons and winter melons. Nick also visit Catania in La Jolla for lunch.

S2: 13 - Chef Ingrid Funes of CUSP La Jolla | FM Report: WK 1 Dec More Citrus & Three Nuts Farm

Chef Ingrid Funes of CUSP in La Jolla is the super talented chef serving up delicious Coastal California Cuisine, paired with an outstanding view of La Jolla. Joe Herrmann and Brandi Reynolds give our Farmer's Market Report featuring 3 Nuts Farm.

S2: 12 – Chef Gunnar Planter of Viewpoint Brewing Co. | FM Report: WK 4 Nov Citrus

Chef Gunnar Planter of Viewpoint Brewing Co wins The Golden Noodle! Gunnar also talks about his current menu and the restaurant's awesome location directly across from the Del Mar Racetrack. The Farmer’s Market report welcomes citrus season with a discussion about Oro Blancos as well as a report from Joe Buckshnis featuring the Addison. Finally, Coffee Kate visits Choice Juicery!

S2: 11 - Chef Kevin Templeton of barleymash | FM Report: WK 3 Nov Thanksgiving Staples

Chef Kevin Templeton of barleymash in the Gaslamp chats about putting seasonal ingredients into a upscale bar menu. The Farmer's Market Report features Thanksgiving Staples as well as a sneak peek of the James Beard Dinner at Trust Restaurant in North Park. Ashley from DineLocalSD takes us to Ballast Point for lunch!

S2: 10 – Chef Andrew Reyes of Tidal at Paradise Point | FM Report: WK2 Nov Guava & Starfruit

Nick and Chef Andrew talk about how to take a day-cation right here in San Diego and feel like you’re on an island at Tidal, at Paradise Point Resort. Joe Herrmann talks about more subtropicals, plus it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! This week, the happy hour report features The 3rd Corner in Ocean Beach!

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