9: Jasmine Briones – Sweet Simple Vegan

9: Jasmine Briones - Sweet Simple Vegan

This episode's guest is Jasmine Briones from @sweetsimplevegan and sweetsimplevegan.com. She is
a plant-based nutritionist and lifestyle blogger who started her blog simply to share recipes,
but has now transformed it into a platform all-encompassing of her mission to inspire others
to live a life of positivity and consciousness. She strives to not only provide education on veganism
and topics regarding food and health, but also on the importance of self- and community-connection,
positivity, as well as mental & spiritual health. Her blog is progressing alongside her own personal
journey, and the topics covered and stories shared bring light to her growth.

Jasmine Briones Links:
Website: sweetsimplevegan.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sweetsimplevegan
Youtube: youtube.com/c/sweetsimplevegan
Facebook: facebook.com/sweetsimplevegan

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