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Say yes to Free the Housewives and join Chicken and CoCo as they liberate themselves from the day to day monotony that has become their lives. From Vibrators to Vino. Time Travel to Burlesque. The Housewives are learning, laughing and finding themselves through adventure and the intentional act of self discovery. You may find that it’s time to free yourself too! After all, freedom isn’t just for Housewives.



Episode 45 - Let's Bounce!

All that jack-hammering made the Housewives forget a bunch of stuff but the bounce back is beginning! Hello vaginal rejuvenation?!

Can We Get a Hand Rub?

The Housewives regret not making notes or taking notes. Why do they even need a handrub? Hmmmmmm...

Episode 43 - Letters to Grandpa

The Housewives have a secret guest... or is it a guest with a secret? Feng Shui, Swedish Death Cleaning and an invention for a lip-lubricating pacifier that just may change your life!

Episode 42 - Let's Get Naked With Brenda!!

Guest, Brenda Goodell, the queen of taking care of herself, schools The Housewives on ceremonial self-care.

Episode 41 - Shot In The Ass

The Housewives are having an event at ALCHEME and maybe a Family Baby.
PS: The cat is alive.

Episode 40 - Did I Just Eat An Ornament?

Is CoCo preggers or is menopause contagious? Follow the Housewives past all of the smoke and into the heavenly tunnel to find out!

Episode 39 - Rebellious and Disruptive

Fear of needles and sugar addiction won't interfere with The Housewives' pledge to take care of themselves in the New Year. Tracy Younger from ALCHEME brings hope (and a bag of goodies!) for 2018!!

Episode 38 - My Dog Said What?

From Menopause to Doggy Paws, The Housewives discover there is life after hot flashes. They also bring in an expert to help them rekindle an old romance…between their dogs.
Special Guest: Pet Medium, Keao (Kay-OW).

Episode 37 - B-O-R-I-N-G!!

It's soup and muffin season and CoCo needs to shave off her mutton chops and get a job. The Housewives get recognized from their informercial glory days. Plus, hurt feelings and a bruised ego really spice things up...

Episode 36 – A Loving Kick In The Ass

Episode 36 - A Loving Kick In The Ass

CoCo got jumped into a girl gang and lived to tell the tale. Chicken is in the dumps. The Housewives get a much-needed kick in the ass from Coach Chris Kelly.

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