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Katie Stokes, Publisher of Edible San Diego takes to the airwaves to explore what living local really means, from the global connections of our food to our regional food system, our communities and all the way to our very own bodies. San Diego County’s uniquely diverse geography, culture, and lifestyle inform a delicious and intriguing discussion with a collection of guests you won’t find anywhere else. Just like there’s nothing better than sitting around a table filled with interesting people and enjoying something really tasty to eat and drink, the Living Local with Edible San Diego podcast invites you to pull up a chair and dig in to topics that affect your life and the health of this beautiful world we’re all part of.




9: Katherine Zimmer; Visit Escondido

Katherine Zimmer, Tourism & Marketing Manager at Visit Escondido joins us today. Broad and deep experience in helping localities really shine, whether that’s been through leadership with tourism, Chambers of Commerce, marketing or business communications. Katherine has developed quite a strong network of attractions in San Diego North that I encourage you to learn about online with their website and social media platforms.

8: Making Healthier Local Food Available at Work

Lucky Bolt founder and CEO Kris Schlesser tells Katie Stokes all about his mission to make healthier food more available to San Diego County residents when they're at work. His background in New York and the Bay area has given him lots of ideas and experience he's using to innovate with local farms and local employers to make it easier to eat right during the work week. Katie encourages listeners to try something new, and Kris is intrigued by her personal example for the week.

7: Covering Craft Beverages in San Diego County

Publisher Mike Shess joined Edible San Diego Publisher Katie Stokes to discuss how his and his partner Ryan Lamb manage San Diego Beverage Times and the West Coaster, and have partially combined them into the West Coaster Beverage News. Mike's background in journalism plus his enthusiasm for and knowledge about the many, many kinds of craft beverages in our region give listeners lots to explore. Katie shares a cooking tip well-suited to busy schedules and the arrival of fall.

6: Diana Moss and Belinda Ramirez from Project New Village

Diane Moss and Belinda Ramirez from Project New Village stopped by for a chat with Edible San Diego to share their work with creating a sense of place and wellness in southeastern San Diego County. Through community gardens, farmers markets, partnerships with local retailers and an ambitious "hub" concept, Project New Village brings people together around their own definition of health. Edible San Diego Publisher Katie Stokes shares a cooking tip - the handiness of batch cooking for all of us who feel so busy all the time.

5: Sensations MD


Sharp Rees-Steely Internal Medicine Dr. Sabrina Falquier Montgrain joins Edible San Diego Publisher Katie Stokes for a personal and professional discussion about how food can be your medicine and your community. Dr. Sabrina shared how an injury when she was young inspired her to become a doctor, and as her practice evolved, she saw how essential good nutrition is in her patients' health. Tune in to hear how she is incorporating a spirited take on food into her practice, her family and her volunteer work. Katie's gardening tip this time is all about something rather unexpected to do as fall turns into our Southern California winter.

4: It's Alive! Talking Soil + Mushrooms with Paul Maschka, Educator + Regenerative Farmer


Paul Maschka joins host Katie Stokes for a discussion of how the soil is alive, and why that's a wonderful thing. From growing food on his farm in Chula Vista and teaching agriculture at Wild Willow Farm and Education Center, Paul describes how, contrary to its reputation as a bad thing, "dirt" is an amazing living network of life connecting the atmosphere, water, and surprisingly diverse biological activity. Or it's supposed to be! Paul also whets our appetite about the magical world of mushrooms, which play an essential role in the soil food web as well as tasting amazing. Katie shares a way to make a snack from a user-friendly garden plant that packs a big nutritional punch, is fun to make, and stores easily for some healthy, handy munchies.

3: Hannah Gbeh: Executive Director of SD County Farm Bureau, Farmer, Mom, Non-Profit Founder and More!


Hannah Gbeh, new Executive Director of the San Diego County Farm Bureau joins host Katie Stokes for a chat about eating local in the unique and diverse region that is San Diego County.

Hannah has serious cred as an environmental engineer and farmer, so her experiences figuring out what to grow, how to sell it, and who to sell it to exemplify how this labor of love takes serious dedication, innovation, learning, and partnership. Hannah's bringing all this experience to leadership of a group poised to serve as a 21st Century hub, convener, and incubator for our region's amazing growers, which gives each of us dozens of reasons to buy and eat local and in season as much as we all can. Katie rounds out the session with a tasty hack for a midweek dinner with seasonal hard squash - customizable for every eating persuasion.

2: Awesome Local Fisherwoman, Jordyn Kastlunger


Host Katie Stokes talks with Jordyn Kastlunger, third generation San Diego fisherman about life on the water, the challenges and joys of fishing sustainably, and all the reasons why people will want to regularly visit Tuna Harbor Dockside Market - directly supporting conscientious, hardworking local business people, the freshest fish you can buy in San Diego, getting to know your local fisherman, and learning from them about new ways to integrate locally caught fish into a busy, healthy lifestyle. Plus Katie shares her cooking tip of the week, a surprising invitation to freshen up your pantry. Why? To make it more likely that it's fun, easy and tasty to cook a little more at home.

1: Low Carb USA


Edible San Diego Publisher Katie Stokes kicks off the Living Local Podcast with two local guests who run a series of "low-carb" related events in San Diego and around the world through their company. Pam Devine and Doug Reynolds of LowCarbUSA discuss their paths to a low carbohydrate approach to eating, the international conferences they organize, including the one taking place July 25-28, 2019, as well as their monthly meetings in San Diego. Both individuals interested in improving their health or addressing specific health concerns, as well as medical professional can both find lots of information and support in Doug and Pam's network. Katie finishes off the episode with an easy cooking tip, her favorite approach to "Anything Pesto."

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