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Katie Stokes, Publisher of Edible San Diego takes to the airwaves to explore what living local really means, from the global connections of our food to our regional food system, our communities and all the way to our very own bodies. San Diego County’s uniquely diverse geography, culture, and lifestyle inform a delicious and intriguing discussion with a collection of guests you won’t find anywhere else. Just like there’s nothing better than sitting around a table filled with interesting people and enjoying something really tasty to eat and drink, the Living Local with Edible San Diego podcast invites you to pull up a chair and dig in to topics that affect your life and the health of this beautiful world we’re all part of.




14: Debra Rosen, North San Diego Business Chamber on Thinking Local First

CEO of the North San Diego Business Chamber talks about Thinking Local First. Host Katie Stokes and Debra Rosen discuss early memories about "eating our veggies" as kids and the many ways the North San Diego Business Chamber supports local businesses in San Diego County through events like conferences on entrepreneurship, the upcoming 11th annual Women's Week event, their Think Local First program, and more.

13: Trevor Bowles with Maker's Mark Talks Cocktails and International Women's Day

Trevor Bowles, longtime San Diegan and Brand Ambassador for Maker's Mark joined host Katie Stokes to reminisce about childhood memories of gardening and favorite dishes, plus his professional journey which started very early, and more recently his work with Maker's Mark which among many other awesome projects led him to co-produce an upcoming event on the occasion of International Women's Day, a benefit for Kitchens For Good to be held at WD Dickinson farm. Last but not least, some pro tips on making great cocktails.

12: Talking About Good News Close to Home with Brad Weber from Local Umbrella Media

Edible San Diego Publisher Katie Stokes sits down with fellow publisher Brad Weber, who heads Local Umbrella Media, a group of 34 hyper-local community newspapers. Brad talks about his rural origins and publishing upbeat news for neighborhoods throughout San Diego County.

11: When Following Your Dreams Brings Comfort Foods to the World!

Edible San Diego Publisher Katie Stokes chats with Chef Alynn Silliman from Neat Underground, a popup restaurant in Imperial Beach's Red House Kitchen. Chef Alynn talks about how she came to be a chef, what rustic, comfort-food cooking means to her, and why sourcing locally is so important.

10: Patty Edelburg & Emma Lindberg - National Farmer's Union

Patty Edelburg and Emma Lindburg from the National Farmers Union discuss challenges to women farmers across the country and their national Women's Farming Conference in January 2020 in San Diego. Women farmers face challenges experienced by all farmers around the world, but through joining the National Farmers Union, other groups or attending their conferences, women farmers can build their knowledge, skills and a personal network. Folks in cities can best support women farmers by buying direct from them, something easier and more year-round in San Diego than almost anywhere else. Publisher Katie Stokes shared cooking tips on using your freezer proactively for making, having and using soup stock in your kitchen - using your time well, stretching your food dollar, maximizing nutrition and minimizing food waste.

9: Katherine Zimmer; Visit Escondido

Katherine Zimmer, Tourism & Marketing Manager at Visit Escondido joins us today. Broad and deep experience in helping localities really shine, whether that’s been through leadership with tourism, Chambers of Commerce, marketing or business communications. Katherine has developed quite a strong network of attractions in San Diego North that I encourage you to learn about online with their website and social media platforms.

8: Making Healthier Local Food Available at Work

Lucky Bolt founder and CEO Kris Schlesser tells Katie Stokes all about his mission to make healthier food more available to San Diego County residents when they're at work. His background in New York and the Bay area has given him lots of ideas and experience he's using to innovate with local farms and local employers to make it easier to eat right during the work week. Katie encourages listeners to try something new, and Kris is intrigued by her personal example for the week.

7: Covering Craft Beverages in San Diego County

Publisher Mike Shess joined Edible San Diego Publisher Katie Stokes to discuss how his and his partner Ryan Lamb manage San Diego Beverage Times and the West Coaster, and have partially combined them into the West Coaster Beverage News. Mike's background in journalism plus his enthusiasm for and knowledge about the many, many kinds of craft beverages in our region give listeners lots to explore. Katie shares a cooking tip well-suited to busy schedules and the arrival of fall.

6: Diana Moss and Belinda Ramirez from Project New Village

Diane Moss and Belinda Ramirez from Project New Village stopped by for a chat with Edible San Diego to share their work with creating a sense of place and wellness in southeastern San Diego County. Through community gardens, farmers markets, partnerships with local retailers and an ambitious "hub" concept, Project New Village brings people together around their own definition of health. Edible San Diego Publisher Katie Stokes shares a cooking tip - the handiness of batch cooking for all of us who feel so busy all the time.

5: Sensations MD


Sharp Rees-Steely Internal Medicine Dr. Sabrina Falquier Montgrain joins Edible San Diego Publisher Katie Stokes for a personal and professional discussion about how food can be your medicine and your community. Dr. Sabrina shared how an injury when she was young inspired her to become a doctor, and as her practice evolved, she saw how essential good nutrition is in her patients' health. Tune in to hear how she is incorporating a spirited take on food into her practice, her family and her volunteer work. Katie's gardening tip this time is all about something rather unexpected to do as fall turns into our Southern California winter.

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