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What makes cheese one of the greatest foods on the planet. Cheese Wiz Gina explore anything and everything about cheese, interviewing mongers, makers, chefs and YOU to answer that very question. Discover new arrivals and get cheesy with us and all the best cheese from all over the world.




Episode 38 – Behind The Rind: The Story & Science Of Cheese

Episode 38 - Behind The Rind: The Story & Science Of Cheese

How would you categorize that cheese? We'll make sense of the dizzying array of cheeses by looking at 3 ways to categorize cheese.

Episode 37 - Mysteries of Blue Molds

In this week's podcast we dive into the mysteries of blues. What are they, Why they form, and Why we love them. We will look at the science-y bits while exploring some classic, if not infamous, blue cheeses.

Episode 36 - The Dairy Maidens Share The Story Of American Cheese, Starting In California

The California dairy industry has been and remains a huge player in the American cheese landscapes. Hear about the pioneers in the California cheese history.

Episode 35 - It's Our 14th Birthday!

Venissimo has been sharing cheese in San Diego for 14 years! Our most "aged" monger, Robby G, joins Cheese Wiz Gina for a trip down memory lane, pontificating on the changes in the cheese business over the years.

Episode 34 - Best of 2017

Cheese Wiz Gina shares the top ten best selling cheeses of 2017 PLUS reveals the Mongers' Choice Award for each category!

Episode 33 - Cheesy Holiday Entertaining Tips

Cheese Wiz Gina will share her best tips and favorite simple recipes for easy, cheesy holiday entertaining.

Episode 32 - Wonders From Wisconsin

Venissimo Mongers, Vanessa and Flo recently returned from a whirlwind tour of cheese makers in Wisconsin. From the smallest of artisan producers to one of the largest, discover what they learned about cheese from the heartland.

Episode 31 - Meet Janet Fletcher, Author of Multiple Books on Cheese and Writer of the Blog "Planet Cheese"

Janet Fletcher has dedicated her life to writing about good foods, which includes cheese. An author of multiple books and writer of the weekly blog, "Planet Cheese", she shares why she loves cheese so very much.

Episode 30 - The Fungus Among Us

Microbiologist Rachel Dutton shares the mysterious and slightly spooky facts about how microscopic communities of bacteria flourish in cheese to create the flavors we love!

Episode 29 - Catching Up With Queso Diego, San Diego's Growing Cheese Club

If you are aspiring cheese maker or simply love cheese, then Queso Diego is the club for you! Curt Wittenberg talks about club activities and shares his experiences learning to make his own cheese.


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