PODCAST by scout is the smart, foxy, and curated roundtable for passionate women. Host Scout is the editor of the cultural lifestyle blog REVUEbyscout.com and is here to serve as your cultural confidante. Each week, tune in to hear the inspiration and quote of the week, the latest on REVUE, and a plethora of interviews featuring female entrepreneurs and creatives. Let’s get started, shall we?




45: Transformation + Manifesting with Tory Dube

Scout chats with Tory Dube about what it means to be a transformational coach, what disconnection is, how to practice self love and the law of attraction.
As mentioned in the intro, Amy Pamensky's book club: http://www.instagram.com/spiritualnutritionist

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For more things Tory:

Also! The FREE 'Have Fun, Make Money' mini-course will be available on Tory's website in just a few days, so check back soon!

44: Women's Sexual Heath with Alejandra Chayet

Scout chats with Alejandra Chayet about women's sexual health, mindfulness, body image and female empowerment.

Alejandra's Links:

Scout's Links:

43: Find Your Personal Power with Megan Mahle

Scout chats with Megan Mahle about mental health, prayer and personal coaching.

Scout's links:

Megan's links:
Email: Megan@MeganMahle.com

42: Chakra 101 with Amber Lee-Lyons

Scout chats with Amber Lee-Lyons from Chakra Girl Co, all about Chakra alignment, spiritual entrepreneurship and crystals.

For $10 off, use coupon code, "podcast" at http://www.TheChakraGirlCo.com
Amber's IG: @thechakragirl
scout's IG: @by.scout
REVUEbyscout: http://www.revuebyscout.com

41: Eating Disorders + Mental Health

Scout chats with Ashton Harris about eating disorders, recovery, body image and mental health.
Instagram: @by.scout
Website: http://www.revuebyscout.com
Contact Ashton: e.ashtonharris@gmail.com

40: Influencer SEO With Jordan Bosstick

Scout chats with Jordan Bosstick about SEO for bloggers, SEO tips and how to grow your following.
As mentioned in this episode, to RSVP to HAVENbyscout at Saffron & Sage, email:

39: Scout's Current Fixations

NY Times, photography, entrepreneurship and more. Listen to Scout's current fixations.
As mentioned in the podcast, email scout at s@revuebyscout.com to RSVP for her event at Saffron & Sage!

38: Women In Leadership With Gritty Movement

Scout chats with Sarah Panis about women in leadership, entrepreneurship and mindfulness.
SCOUT-25 for 25% off general admission and VIP at http://www.grittymovement.com

37: Yoga Therapy With Root Yoga Therapy

Yoga as a form of healing (plus essential oils) talk with Jasmine Rausch from Root Yoga Therapy.

36: Organic, Plant-Based Skin Care, Founder of CRUDE

Scout chats with Denise Cartwright, founder of CRUDE, about chemical-free products and the importance of self-confidence.

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