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Two best friends created Sober Life Coach, a company that aims at helping young men and women overcome addiction and live full and happy lives. They came together and started a podcast to talk about addiction, alcoholism and navigating a life of recovery. Through stories of special guests as well as informative dialogue on social issues they plan to change the conversation about what it means to be in sobriety. “It’s more than recovery, it’s a way of life”




65: Kristin Gaspar

Chairwoman of San Diego County’s board of supervisors Kristin Gaspar comes on the show to discuss addiction, homelessness and incarceration issues. She discusses her concrete plans of action and shares from her heart.

64: Kansas Cafferty

Kansas Cafferty, LMFT is an addiction specialist with over 20 years of experience treating substance use disorders. He is the founder of True North Recovery Services ( He is actively engaged in clinical and advocacy work and also serves as the Commission Chair Elect for the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals at NAADAC (

In this episode, he talks about how treatment used to be, what's been going on recently and where the future of treatment is heading. He shares optimistically how he came to open his own treatment center. We chat about the future and reminisce in getting started in this industry and shares his story... tune in, like, comment and share. You never know who's life may be changed by hearing the message in this episode.

63: The Insurance Talk

In this episode, special guest Libby discusses insurance in the addiction treatment industry. She also shares her personal experience with recovery along with her future expectations of the relationship between substance abuse and medical insurance.

62: I Am An Alien

Guest, Chanda tells her crazy story about recovery and how she came to believe she was an alien.

61: Breaking the Stigma

In this episode, special guest Scott Silverman comes in to discuss challenging the norms that are associated with sober life. The stigma of addiction is widespread and we are on a mission to change that in this world.

60: Gettin' Weird with Leigh

In this episode, we have the sober Canadian Instagram star, Leigh weigh in on the ups and downs of sobriety as well as her personal experience with being free and standing in her own authenticity.

59: Rap & Recovery

This week's guest is up and coming rapper, "YelloPain" comes on and discusses blowing up with his new song, PAIN, which discusses drug abuse and its effect on the world.

58: A Compass To A New Life

Sarah Zucker and Keith Fosgett from Aton Center come in and really drop some knowledge about the treatment industry.
Aton Center: 888-535-1516

57: Pain Into Purpose

Marty Norman comes on; we get preachin' about how dope the sober life is. Tune in to check out the high energy, love and compassion!


56: What's a Lemu?

Traveling, fun, sobriety and living your best life with Alison from Ashes. Tune in to hear this transformational story!


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