Two best friends created Sober Life Coach, a company that aims at helping young men and women overcome addiction and live full and happy lives. They came together and started a podcast to talk about addiction, alcoholism and navigating a life of recovery. Through stories of special guests as well as informative dialogue on social issues they plan to change the conversation about what it means to be in sobriety. “It’s more than recovery, it’s a way of life”




48: Exciting New Announcements!

PARENTAL ADVISORY! This episode contains language not suitable for those under 18 years of age.
Rehab, "War Stories" and other news!

47: The Art of Swag

"One choice can change the rest of your life!" - Tony Hoffman

46: Hangin With The Man

This week we have The Man On, and damn! he drops some knowledge! Boom Bada Beem. Wow! So good.

45: Let's Talk About Sex!

Dr. Susan Writer answers questions about sex and drug addiction, then later gets into the solution.

44. Interview With David Grey

David Grey comes on to drop a ton of knowledge. He's been in the business for 25 years and he shares his experience, strength and hope.

43: Roman

Roman shares a bit of his story.

42: A World Of Kindness

Doctor Jim Evosivich comes on and talks about his experience working with others in a therapeutic environment. We also discuss what the world would look like if people were nicer.

41: The Foundations Podcast

We talk about how animals taught Melissa to be a therapist. We also got into addiction, life and little nuggets of truth.

40: What's Working, What's Not?

Dr. Matt Bruhin comes on to discuss treatment. He talks about the importance of care and services. We ask him questions regarding the changes in the recovery industry and we get the low down on what's working and what's not.

39: Art vs War

The Art vs. War crew comes on and talks about their non-profit organization. They're on a mission to create change and help the at-risk youth. They are truly amazing, and we FULLY endorse them!


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