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Two best friends created Sober Life Coach, a company that aims at helping young men and women overcome addiction and live full and happy lives. They came together and started a podcast to talk about addiction, alcoholism and navigating a life of recovery. Through stories of special guests as well as informative dialogue on social issues they plan to change the conversation about what it means to be in sobriety. “It’s more than recovery, it’s a way of life”




Episode 38 - Conscious Recovery

TJ comes in and discusses the 3 root causes of addiction. He talks about his book and his passion for creating a new conversation about addiction.

Episode 37 - Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Film maker, Christopher Bell talks about his health and nutrition in regards to his sobriety. He discusses his documentary about steroids and recovery, and the recent emergence new drug called Kratom.

Episode 36 - The First Step Is The Hardest

Robbie Bauer talks about detox along with how and when to get sober. He also shares his personal experience with addiction and how it has helped him create a vision to help others.

Episode 35 - Love Pile

Bryan and Roman discuss holiday stress and turning failure into a Love Pile.

Episode 34 - Salvation of Others

Pro skateboarder, Dennis Martinez discusses growing up in the golden era of skating, his rise and fall due to drugs and his mission to help others.

Episode 33 - Recovery Results, Part 2

Part 2 of Roman and Bryan's first podcast on the road. In this episode, they interview Melissa and Jordan, along with Siobhan Morse, TJ Woodward and Wes Heim at Recovery Results in Dallas, TX.

Episode 32 - Recovery Results, Part 1

Roman and Bryan conduct their first podcast on the road as they interview Jes Montgomery, Jordan Young and Leah Claire at Recovery Results in Dallas, TX.

Episode 31 - Mentor-ship In Recovery

Chris Bennett comes on and talks about his road from addict to working in the field of recovery. He discusses how mentor-ship and key people played a role in his development. He shares his passion by helping those who are suffering to begin to live a full and happy life!

Episode 30 - Getting Fit & What Not

Natalie Jill comes on and talks about getting fit, food addiction and overcoming excuses. Transformation is possible.

Episode 29 - Doing The Double A

Jared Schneid: staying sober and practicing the principles of AA.


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