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This is not your mama’s podcast! We’re getting REAL – and that means digging deep, staying open and welcoming discomfort because YOU GET TO HAVE IT ALL! Filter not included. On this podcast, get ready to learn from top experts who have dedicated their lives to creating positive change in the world through massive self-love, confident sexuality, innate awareness and ‘no s**t’ action. Your host, Sheree Trask, is a Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, the Founder of Lemons and Laughter and the Content Media Director for and Organifi. With a passion for positively impacting lives, she is on a mission to inspire and empower you to challenge your thoughts and actions and consider the alternative – creating the life of your dreams with YOU in the drivers seat! Every week, she will be bringing you raw, vulnerable, authentic conversations to get you thinking and move you towards meaningful SOUL DEEP connections with yourself and others. After growing up with a single mom and lacking a consistent, loving male role model, she was unsure what a healthy relationship really looked like, although she was confident it existed. At 19 she was raped and her world was turned upside down. It was in that moment that she made the decision to use her voice to share her experiences openly as a way to FREE herself and others from “victim-mentality” and the common belief that we have to “deal with” the cards we’re dealt (false!). She has dedicated her life to empowering others to RISE above their circumstances and truly LIVE a passion-driven, purposeful life – no exceptions. As an advocate and speaker for Women’s Empowerment, she is committed to helping women love their body’s, fall in-love with their femininity, explore their sensuality and shine as the beautiful, radiant, Goddess’ that they are. In the same breath, she is passionate about creating space for men to embrace their masculinity in a way that is both vulnerable and strong to attract and keep the woman of their dreams. Popular topics include: emotional intelligence, empowerment, self-love, relationships, love, connection, vulnerability, transformation, manifestation, visualization, meditation, affirmations, health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, habits, change, inspiration, sex, sensuality.




Episode 24 - Empower Your Financial Badass

Emily Utter is a Business Coach for Adventurous Entrepreneurs. She works with coaches, healers, and consultants to build awesome businesses they can run from anywhere in the world. In today's epsiode we are diving into the topic of MONEY! I know for some, this can feel scary, vulnerable and even bring up some shame. I know this because as your host, I am one of those people. Emily has invited us to embrace these emotions and ask ourselves some simple yet POWERFUL questions around money in an effort to empower us to believe that it's OKAY to have it all - including financial abundance. It is not masculine to be "successful" - in fact, some would argue it's downright SEXY to handle your own shiz and bring home some dough! But that's here nor there. This episode is a sort of permission to be that divine feminine you are and still KICK ASS in business if that is what you choose to do. Because here's the deal babes - we are just as capable and important as our male counterparts and embracing your gifts in a way that creates financial freedom in your life is really f*cking awesome! Find Emily on the web at or on Instagram @theadventurousentrepreneur.

Episode 23 - Awakening His Cock

Do you get nervous just thinking about releasing that inner sex kitten within? Do you rush to the act of sex in fear you might not be good at foreplay? Are you curious how to step into and own your sensuality and have your partner begging for more? Well today, I'm chatting with Lauren on the topic of awakening his cock!

Lauren Nicole Peters is the founder and soulful content creator of Live a Tantric Life, where she shares stories on how to go deeper into ourselves, our relationships, and our soul paths.

She writes on topics such as spirituality, entrepreneurship, relationships, radiance, sexuality, and more... and is obsessed with helping women and men awaken their sex minx powers.

Find more info on this gorgeous goddess at, as well as on Facebook (Lauren Nicole Peters) and Instagram (@liveatantriclife).

Episode 22 - From Slut To Celibate

Walking the intentional path of sexual exploration and complete freedom, Ciara made the conscious decision to let it all go to open herself to a spiritual connection deeper than she thought possible. There's no shame in sex! But, what could be possible if you had it all and it started from a deeper understanding of your needs and desires?

Episode 21 - Let The Healing Be Messy

Stepping outside the box to continue the journey to heal the beautiful mess. This time with somatic experiencing and cyber scan.

Episode 20 - Meet Me At The Beaver Dome

"If you don't do the research, you'd better forget your expectations!" What I thought wold be a weekend of yogi bliss turned into a masturbation circle.

Episode 19 - Debunking The Myths Of Polyamory

Lisa Ritz has been practicing as a full time injury prevention and recovery massage therapist for the past 10 yrs. She is passionate about helping people on their journey towards healing their bodies. Away from massage Lisa is also a performer. She has been acting since she was 12 and never misses a chance to sing - anything from cabaret to karaoke. The stage, whether its live or on film is her favorite happy place.

Episode 18 - The Masculine Feminine Dance

Laura Trozzi is the Founder and CEO of Branching Out, a leadership development and coaching company on a mission to help people and teams be at their best, consistently. In today's episode we're digging into GENDER ROLES and Personality Types, which is absolutely fascinating to me! Have you ever heard of the MBTI test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)? I absolutely LOVE this tool for discovering HOW and WHY people are the way they are - and more importantly, how to best support and collaborate with different personalities! Check it out, Laura is a wealth of knowledge.

Find out more about her coaching programs at:

Episode 17 - Finding Love Through Self-Trust

Cole Bombino is a Love Coach, Healer, and Love Intuitive. She has coached thousands of clients around the world, and has been the spark to open up their hearts so they can finally have the love that they desire. She has an incredible capacity to love and is recognized for her ability to teach others how to tap into their power. She is a graduate and Coach of the M. E. School of Flow (Manifesting plus Empathic Intuition), a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a Certified Yoga Instructor.
Her mission on this earth is to teach humans how to love - themselves and others. Through her healing and intuitive gifts, she guides individuals to step into their full power and joy so that they can love and live fully. Learn more at

Episode 16 - Stepping Into A Life You Love

Rebecca is the founder of The Brave Lady and a Coach on a mission to inspire ladies to create a brave magical life that they are in love with! She happens to be one of the sweetest, most compassionate souls I have ever met and I know you're going to love her! It was through her own journey that she found the SELF WORTH within and realized that yea, it was okay to receive and in doing so, she was able to GIVE that much more. Tune in for some awesome tools to get you on the other side and begin to LIVE a life you're proud of and passionate about.

Episode 15 - Owning Your Sacred Bitch

This incredible woman is a spiritual life and business mentor for the creative and wild soul (or, wild feelers, as she refers to them). Chelsea is a 'wild feeler' - maybe you are too! She's on a mission to help her wild feeler women build self worth and strong healthy boundaries that honor their sensitive nature and needs as wild creative hearts (through owning their sacred bitch), while stepping boldly into the life they crave, doing the work they came here to do. Her light is BRIGHT and her passion is fierce. Don't miss this episode!

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