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164: Transforming Climate Fear

How to transform Climate Fear into action on behalf of Mother Earth.

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163: Genetic Consciousness with Cayce Conolly, Molecular Geneticist and Ashley Lee RN, Energy Healer

We are passionate in giving an inspirational spark of insight to the biological connections of consciousness as we affect our genetic expressions.

161: Co-Creative Awakening Summit

Championing Adults to support themselves and the new children with inspirations from the experts.


160: Saving our Coastlines

Bringing awareness to how EVERYONE can contribute to protecting our Coastlines globally, around the World.

Listeners can follow Oceana on facebook, twitter, and Instagram or at usa.oceana.org

159: Being in the Flow

In the Flow of Life through ease and simplicity offers peace and joy in one’s life!

158: Creating Profound Gratitude

Discover just how much gratitude you create in Life through the Conflict Resolution Protocol.

157: A Loving Bedtime

How to create a magical bedtime full of love!

156: Sleep Like a Genius

12 Easy Steps to Better Sleep Starting Tonight!

155: Accessing Elementals Through the Gong

Around the globe we access the elements of Mother Nature through our Hearts.

154: Meet Your Archetypes

Open your inner treasure-box, find your hidden talents and your mission!