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1: Save the Food

Across the United States, 40% of food is wasted. The San Diego Food System Alliance and its partners are implementing the national “Save the Food” public service campaign in San Diego County to educate the public about food waste and offer resources for reduction. In the first episode of San Diego Food System Alliance’s Good Food Podcast, we’ll be exploring the issue of food waste with SDFSA Director of Strategic Initiatives, Barbara Hamilton, and Chef Kat Humphus of Specialty Produce, and offering tips and tricks to save your food!

28: Who’s Planning Meals for Our Next Generation?, Part 1

Chances are if you had great food growing up, your Mom made it. Or, somebody’s Mom did. Today we talk to some women that are having a huge impact not just on our next meal, but maybe our children’s.

Episode 60 – Food Fable: Watermelons

Plated Earth Food Fables are original short historical fiction stories about produce and its ability to connect people, culture, and history. This Food Fable is a retelling of a Vietnamese folk tale that takes place in ancient Vietnam during the time of the Hung Kings, and explains how watermelons came to be a common crop in the country thanks to a young Prince who was exiled to a desolate island by the King.

51: Miho Catering Co. | Catering & Events vs. Restaurants

Listen in as Kat Humphus interviews Executive Chef Ryan Bullock of Miho Catering Co. They discuss the many variances in being the chef of a restaurant vs a catering and event company, and everything that comes with it.

50: Cloak And Petal | Building The Perfect Bite | Little Italy

Join Kat Humphus as she talks to Chef Dominic Valenzuela of Cloak and Petal in Little Italy. They talk about his passion for being a chef and his admiration of the craftsmanship of sushi. Visit the newly opened Cloak and Petal in Little Italy to try his food!

45: Is Raw Milk Cheese Less Safe Than Pasteurized Cheese? In Not, What’s All The Fuss About?

Did you know pasteurization was first developed to keep wine from turning into vinegar? Join host Claire in Behind the Rind: The Story and Science of Cheese, to explore the misconceptions surrounding cheeses made from raw milk, including an interview with Andy Hatch, raw milk cheese maker at Uplands Cheese in Wisconsin.

14: Poke & Ceviche; Dishes or Concepts?, Part 1

Michael and Sheen talk to Nino “Neens” Camilo and Juan Carlos Recamier about poke and ceviche and their role in today’s food scene.

1: Behind Farm to Table

A short discussion with Chef Steve Brown and farmer Mannah Gbeh about the labor of farming and a preview of the now passed panel discussion on 11/15/2017. For more information about upcoming BGFF events, visit our FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/BerryGoodFoodFoundation/