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27: It’s All About the Food

We take a hard look at Mexican culinary delights with Scott Koenig: better known as “A Gringo in Mexico”.

26: Meet the Gringo

Scott Koenig goes by the title “A Gringo in Mexico”. He has spent years involved in a cultural love affair south of the border. We discover a bit of history and sense of his passion for the region.

32: Zorro Blanco y Zorro Negro do the Valle Food & Wine Fest, Part 1

Michael and Sheen talk Valle Food & Wine Fest with Zorro Negro (Fernando Gaxiola) and Zorro Blanco (Andrew Spurgin)

30: El Sabor de Sabor de Baja, Part 1

Michael and Sheen talk with Chef Bo Bendana Sein, founder of the Sabor de Baja Festival in Rosarito Beach, with Mad Hungry Woman blogger, Anita Lau, a serial Judge.