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27: It’s All About the Food

We take a hard look at Mexican culinary delights with Scott Koenig: better known as “A Gringo in Mexico”.

26: Meet the Gringo

Scott Koenig goes by the title “A Gringo in Mexico”. He has spent years involved in a cultural love affair south of the border. We discover a bit of history and sense of his passion for the region.

12: The San Diego Wine Culture, Part 1

This month, we look at the explosion of vineyards, wineries and tasting rooms in San Diego County! Meet a celebrated local wine judge and get up close and personal with an award-winning San Diego winemaker!

9: Wasting Away, Part 2

Elaine and Don discuss how waste in the food industry contributes to the hunger and food insecurity facing hundreds of thousands of men, women and children in the US, along with the efforts to combat the problem in San Diego.

6: Wine, Wine, Wine, Part 1

Elaine and Don talk with Lisa Redwine, local sales representative for Regal Wine Company and Lisa Kelley, operations manager at Cheval Winery in Escondido.

Today’s guests discuss what it means and want it takes to be a sommelier and take a look at some of the great wineries, vineyards and tasting opportunities right here in San Diego County.

5: Get These Reg’s & Fees Out of My Kitchen!

Elaine and Don talk with the head of the San Diego Food and Beverage Association and a former local restaurant owner about the regulatory difficulties faced by folks in the local food service industry.

4: Creating Second Chance Chefs

A look at a local program that trains people from troubled backgrounds to become chefs.

3: Where Have All The Cooks Gone?

A look at the growing shortage of restaurant cooks here and around the country.

2: A Chef’s Keen Eye on Costs

Elaine and Don are joined by veteran San Diego Chef, David Chenelle to offer suggestions on ways to prevent restaurant failures.

1: Rolling in the Dough… or NO?

Elaine and Don take a hard look at restaurant failure rates and some of the causes.