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101: Love is a Two-Letter Word

Pete shares his experiences by saying, “No”, while practicing presence, and shares what ducks have in common with living in the present moment.

100: It’s a BIG Deal!

Is it a BIG deal to reach 100 episodes? Join us for some celebrating and full-circle moments with special guest, Ashley Lee!

84: Shut Up & Dance

Danielle and Pete talk about learning how to get out of your own way when it’s causing a disservice to you.

82: Whatcha Say?

Why do we post what we do on social media? What are we really wanting to say? Travis and Pete weigh in on this hot topic!

70: The Devil Wears Payless

When it comes to our jobs, do we really think about what we’re signing up for when we accept the position? Are you finding yourself trying to change the way a business is ran, just to be met with someone telling you, “Just do your job!”? Well, maybe that job isn’t for you… or… maybe, just maybe, you might be over complicating things. Tune in to find out how Pete got his “Ahhh Haaa” moment while watching “The Devil Wears Prada” for the 15th time.. Also, learn how Travis set himself up at an early age to avoid those scenarios all together.

64: Let it Go

Travis and Pete discuss the importance of letting things go, both literally and figuratively, as they discuss the potential burden of what holding on to things can create.

58: The Good Ol’ Days

What are the “Good Ol’ Days” and what can we learn from them that can be applied to the present and future? Let’s find out!