S2: 22 – Chef Nick Paulerio of Storyhouse Spirits | FM Report: WK1 March Madness

S2: 22 - Chef Nick Paulerio of Storyhouse Spirits | FM Report: WK1 March Madness

Chef Nick Paulerio from Storyhouse Spirits in the East Village stops by to talk all about their brand new concept, starting in 2019. Plus, it's March Madness in the Farmer's Market, Joe and Joe bring us the green goods!

Episode 88 – Food Fable: Dates

Episode 88 - Food Fable: Dates

Plated Earth Food Fables are short historical fiction stories about produce and its ability to connect people, culture, and history. This Food Fable shares several examples of the date’s significance in Middle Eastern culture, and tells a legend from North Africa about one of the most popular date varieties, the Deglet Noor, which translates from Arabic as the “Date of Light”.

4: Creating Second Chance Chefs

4: Creating Second Chance Chefs

A look at a local program that trains people from troubled backgrounds to become chefs.

3: Where Have All The Cooks Gone?

3: Where Have All The Cooks Gone?

A look at the growing shortage of restaurant cooks here and around the country.

79: …And That’s Guat It’s All About!

79: ...And That's Guat It's All About!

Travis and Pete recap their trip to Guatemala and share what this experience taught them about themselves and the world outside of the United States.

135: Crypto-Veganism

135: Crypto-Veganism

Sifu Guillermo is a Vegan Martial Artist and has spent his life pursuing Dharma. He is now involved in holistic wealth creation and vegan health advocacy, with the goal to help people save the world and gain wealth outside of our current financial system which finances factory farms and war.

In this episode we talk everything from the non-violence principles taught in Buddhism, to crypto-currency and Martial Arts!

Learn more about Sifu Guillermo http://ImmortalKungFu.com
Learn more about benevolent alternative financial solutions at https://goldinfo.rocks
Political activism information related can be found at http://cryptopetitioner.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Activism_Truth

2: A Chef’s Keen Eye on Costs

2: A Chef's Keen Eye on Costs

Elaine and Don are joined by veteran San Diego Chef, David Chenelle to offer suggestions on ways to prevent restaurant failures.

1: Rolling in the Dough… or NO?

1: Rolling in the Dough... or NO?

Elaine and Don take a hard look at restaurant failure rates and some of the causes.

124: Breakfast Republic

124: Breakfast Republic

What happens when a vegan has the Owner and the Corporate Executive Chef of an egg-dominant restaurant on her show? It's not what you think, guys; Breakfast Republic is doing big things here in San Diego! Not only have they added a few vegan items to the menu (they're friggin' amazing; I've had them!), but they even removed a lot of the animal products from their non-vegan items (by replacing the butter with oil, etc), to create less of a chance of contamination.

Let's give a big round of applause for (in my opinion) one of the most vegan-conscious, but otherwise non-vegan breakfast joints for taking the extra step to create an environment for vegans to feel safe to eat in!

Breakfast Republic:
Website: http://breakfastrepublic.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/breakfastrepublic/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/breakfastrepublicsd/

116: The Vida Method

116: The Vida Method

Vida Weinstein has been working as a clinical psychotherapist for over 30 years. She has experience with individuals with both eating disorders and drug abuse in inpatient, hospitals, psychiatric wards and rehab facilities. In this episode, Vida talks about her work in her private practice as well as the expansion of her patient population, which includes people from all walks of life.

Website: https://thevidamethod.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thevidamethod/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/vidaweinsteinpsychotherapy/


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