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59: Rap & Recovery

This week’s guest is up and coming rapper, “YelloPain” comes on and discusses blowing up with his new song, PAIN, which discusses drug abuse and its effect on the world.

55: Living a Sober Life with Jessica Landon

Popular instagram influencer, Jessica Landon shares her incredible story and daily practices with Sober Life host Bryan Amaro. This episode is real, raw, uncut and goes into some seriously dark places only to take the listener back into the light and full of HOPE. This is a must listen show.

54: Winds of Spirit

Renee Baribeau, Shaman and author of the book, Winds of Spirit comes on to talk about the wind that’s blowing into our hearts, minds and souls.

52: Freedom

Roman comes in solo to rant about freedom, sobriety and living into your dreams. You can be an astronaut.

50: Sober Jackass

Brandon Novak beat known for his time on Jackass and Viva la Bam joins us to talk about the struggle of being a famous, successful young heroin addict fighting for sobriety. We get into the gritty story of his and his new found road of redemption.

47: The Art of Swag

“One choice can change the rest of your life!” – Tony Hoffman

46: Hangin With The Man

This week we have The Man On, and damn! he drops some knowledge! Boom Bada Beem. Wow! So good.

44. Interview With David

David Grey comes on to drop a ton of knowledge. He’s been in the business for 25 years and he shares his experience, strength and hope.

43: Roman

Roman shares a bit of his story.

42: A World of Kindness

Doctor Jim Evosivich comes on and talks about his experience working with others in a therapeutic environment. We also discuss what the world would look like if people were nicer.