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178: José for Congress

178: José for Congress


José Caballero grew up in a small town in Texas to parents of Panamanian, Puerto Rican, and Mexican descent. Until the age of five, José grew up with both parents, however, after José's father was imprisoned for drug dealing and money laundering, his mother was forced to raise him and his younger sister on a less than average income, working multiple jobs to support them.

Today, José is running for US Congress CA53 to end all animal agriculture subsidies and inform the public of the health dangers associated with animal products, but his story had a bit of an interesting start to it.

Disclosure: Although I've allowed a politician on the show, I do not discuss my personal association (or lack of association) with political parties.

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S2: 32 – Chef Adrien Villarreal of Tahona | FM Report: WK1 July Summer Staples

S2: 32 – Chef Adrien Villarreal of Tahona | FM Report: WK1 July Summer Staples


Today's Farmer's Market Report features Summer staples like eggplant, squash and melons! Also, Chef Adrien Villarreal is in for a chat about Mezcal!

169: Self-Reflection

169: Self-Reflection

This episodes contains language and content not suitable for children. In this episode, I've done a bit of self-reflecting (What? No guest??... NOPE). What is this thing called life, and what's my purpose here? How do we heal from past traumas and use them for the best today?

If you're looking to the answers to those questions, you won't find them here.. you'll just find me pondering the thoughts in my head. Hopefully I can at least help you feel like you're not alone if you are thinking the same thing. Love you guys!

167: WFPB Chef

167: WFPB Chef

Chef Roberto Carboni was once suffering from numerous health challenges and symptoms. He eventually found relief from his problems by switching to a Whole Food Plant Based diet!

Roberto now has his certification in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell and uses his own personal experience to fuel his healthy cooking today.

For information about current events, services, resources and more:

Tuscan Plant Based Cuisine at HI Street Kitchen and Tap:
Sunday, July 7th, 2019 at 6pm
7767 Balboa Ave
San Diego, California
(858) 430-6815

S2: 30 – Chef Justin Vaiciunas of Luca at The Guild Hotel

S2: 30 - Chef Justin Vaiciunas of Luca at The Guild Hotel

Chef Justin Caiciunas of Luca at The Guild Hotel is new to San Diego and bringing life into a classic San Diego building. Also, the Farmer's Market report with Joe Herrmann features 'A Slow Start To Summer'.

165: Therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga

165: Therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga

*Mildly Explicit Language*
Elia Nikolaev started his journey through living a more compassionate life around the age of 22, when he read the great Paramahansa Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi", which was a gateway into his next phase of life. From there, he took his first Hatha Yoga class, and eventually became certified in 2006.

In this episode, Elia describes the importance of yoga and meditation, and how to incorporate the principals derived from those practices, into the foods we eat.

Yoga Tropics:

161: Veg’n Out SD

161: Veg'n Out SD

Grant Plummer is the founder of Veg'n Out, one of San Diego's best burger joints! After years of his family talking about veganism, the concept finally clicked for him when he learned about the environmental impact that animal agriculture has on the planet.

With menu items such as the Pepper Crusted Bacon Cheeseburger and Spicy Jalapeno Kraut Burger, Grant continues to make food that break the stereotype of what most people think of when they hear the word "vegan"!

Veg'n Out:

Current Events:
Every Thursday, 3-7:30pm - NorthPark Farmer's Market
Every Friday, 4-8pm - Modern Times, LomaLand
Every Sunday, 9am-2pm - Hillcrest Farmer's Market

Saturday, 5/25: 1-5pm - Festival of Funk

S2: 29 – Nik & Lee Of Paleo Treats | FM Report: WK2 May Bring On The Stone Fruit

S2: 29 - Nik & Lee Of Paleo Treats | FM Report: WK2 May Bring On The Stone Fruit

A look into Paleo Treats with Nik and Lee with a Farmer's Market Report by Joe Herrmann; here comes the stone fruit! Plus, local Blue Lake beans at Market Restaurant, Del Mar.

S2: 28 – Arielle Moskow of EVE | FM Report: WK5 Apr The Start of Stonefruit

S2: 28 - Arielle Moskow of EVE | FM Report: WK5 Apr The Start of Stonefruit

Joe and Joe give us a Farmer's Market report featuring cherries and berries. EVE's own Arielle Moskow tells us all about their original Encinitas location and gives us a few teasers about what's to come in the brand new Oceanside location.

S2: 7 – Will San Diego Star in the Michelin Guide?, Part 2

S2: 7 - Will San Diego Star in the Michelin Guide?, Part 2

Michael and Jack as EaterSD's Jackie Bryant whether San Diego will star in the Michelin Guide.


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