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48: Scout’s Tools in Her Toolbox

48: Scout's Tools in Her Toolbox

Scout chats about the tools in her toolbox when it comes to managing her bipolar disorder; mental health tips and tricks.

100: Upschooling… New Horizons!

100: Upschooling... New Horizons!

Creating learning environments by fostering natural curiosity and true expressions with Summer and Reagan Williams

50: Livin’ La Vida Loca!

50: Livin' La Vida Loca!

Special guest, Amy Lisewski returns and explains how she has created the life she has always wanted; she bought a sailboat and is about to sail into her 50's. Sound unattainable? Take notes; it's as easy as saying, "Yes...and!?"


43: Find Your Personal Power with Megan Mahle

43: Find Your Personal Power with Megan Mahle

Scout chats with Megan Mahle about mental health, prayer and personal coaching.

Scout's links:

Megan's links:
Email: Megan@MeganMahle.com

49: I Feel Pretty

49: I Feel Pretty

Travis and Pete go to the movies and get inspired to remember their journey to feeling pretty inside and out.
Sound Clip Credit: Maya Angelou

44: We’ve heard Of Drug Cartels But What About The Swiss Cheese Cartel

44: We’ve Heard Of Drug Cartels But What About The Swiss Cheese Cartel?

Dairy Maidens tell the conspiracy story of the Swiss Cheese Cartel that ruled the Swiss economy for nearly a century and might have been the driving force behind the popularity of fondue.

92: Healing Notes Through The Heart Of A Child

92: Healing Notes Through The Heart Of A Child

Rachel Gant shares with everyone the healing power of music and how music therapy transforms the lives of children and eases the pain of trauma.

91: Meeting The Child

91: Meeting The Child

The essential first step to effective education!


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