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54: Meet Cheese Maker Joe From Valley Ford Cheese, Creator Of Grazin’ Girl Blue

October is American Cheese Month and Joe Moreda painstakingly created Grazin’ Girl, a creamy blue that is a Venissimo favorite and delicious addition to the American artisinal cheese scene.

53: Behind the Rind with Mountain Cheeses

Discover how the extreme geography of the alps produced one of the most famous styles of cheese.

52: What Does It Take To Become A Certified Cheese Professional?

Jonathan McDowell tells us what it takes to earn a CCP designation and what it really means.

50: Meet Gordon Edgar – Author & Cheese Monger, Living on the Wedge

Gordon Edgar is punk rocker turned cheese buyer at Rainbow Co-op in San Francisco and author of two books that delve into cheese and the life of a cheese monger. We’ll get his perspective on the state of the cheese business and learn why he loves cheddar so much.

49: What Is Rennet? Why Do We Need It? And Where Does It Come From?

Rennet, the great separator of curds from whey, is often misunderstood. Claire dives in to share the different types available and what makes them different. It’s a walk through 10,000 years of history in just 22 minutes.

47: Magic Milk – The Fluctuating Fluid!

Behind the Rind delves into the chemistry behind different milk types (cow, goat, sheep, buffalo) and explores how this changes cheese.

46: Dairy Maidens Dive Into Asian Cheeses In Part 1 of This Series, Starting In India!

Artisan cheeses are slowly making headway in parts of Asia, a continent that’s vast, very vast! We the Dairy Maidens will be wrapping up our first season with a Two Part Episode: Cheeses in Asia. We will take you to the deliciousness of India and end up in subtle, delicate Japan.


45: Is Raw Milk Cheese Less Safe Than Pasteurized Cheese? In Not, What’s All The Fuss About?

Did you know pasteurization was first developed to keep wine from turning into vinegar? Join host Claire in Behind the Rind: The Story and Science of Cheese, to explore the misconceptions surrounding cheeses made from raw milk, including an interview with Andy Hatch, raw milk cheese maker at Uplands Cheese in Wisconsin.

40: Dairy Maidens Introduce Us To The Basque Region

This week, we tackle the mysteries of the Basque country. We discuss the history of how and why this area straddles both sides of the Spanish-French border, the Basque people, the culture, and their one-of-a-kind language. And of course, we mention a few notable Basque cheeses and some of our favorites from the region.