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97: Tips for Competitive Dancers, Part 3

In the final third part of this series, Victoria discusses how to handle the adjudication portion of competition, as well as how to handle everything from team support, mistakes, potentially not receiving your ideal outcome or award, and still feel like a winner at the end of the experience, as well as inspired to keep improving your training.

96: Tips for Competitive Dancers, Part 2

Victoria shares a variety of ways to prepare for the stage while at competition, as well as how to stay focused, calm, and conditioned while at your dance competition.

95: Tips for Competitive Dancers, Part 1

In this episode, Victoria shares her top tips from her experience as a national competition judge, choreographer, and instructor on how to prepare for the stage as a competitive dancer when it comes to rehearsals, as well as additional training and conditioning prior to competition.

94: Lia Valencia Key

Lia Valencia Key began her journey with very humble beginnings; raised in a homeless shelter in the inner-city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lia decided at an early age to emit joy through adversity. She was determined not to become a product of her environment, and to always follow her inner voice as a dreamer, believer, and achiever.

That inner voice consistently encourages Lia to continuously seek sunshine, joy, and happiness. Following her heart ultimately helped Lia to redefine her prosperity to mean joy, shining bright, loving life, inner fulfillment, and accomplishment.
Lia used this mindset to rise above all challenges and hardships by attaining a Master’s Degree, a top license in Cosmetology, working as a stylist for one of the largest televised home shopping networks, gained life-changing experiences as a lead stylist for top beauty brand CEO’S, and amazing opportunities to travel the world. Throughout her education, work experiences and travels abroad, Lia found herself continuously absorbing love, light, and happiness everywhere she landed.

The Valencia Key brand mission is to inspire life with style. Wearing Valencia Key jewelry will uplift your mindset and infuse your spirit with Sunshine and Joy.
Valencia Key has been created to share inspiration in the form of personally hand-sketched innovative, beautiful creations.

Each Valencia Key creation is birthed from authentic life inspiring messages.

The prosperity collection is based on redefining prosperity according to your life. Its intention is to spread an empowering message, that everyone has a divine right to happiness, love, dreaming big, and achieving fulfillment in every area of their life.

The VALENCIA KEY hand-sketched Prosperity symbol is 3 continuous connected circles, which directly represent life’s constant movement. The collection is comprised of unique pieces that are not only designed to be visually attractive to the external eye but more importantly, inspirational and uplifting to the internal soul.

93: Shame and Guilt

In this episode, Victoria uncovers the toxicity that shame and guilt can play in our lives when both go unchecked. Although both are healthy to feel, there are some ways do deal with these emotions for a constructive result. Speaking to her own experience with depression, Victoria shares how releasing and transforming shame and guilt proved to be an important process when healing.

71: Cortland Anderson | Om Kombucha

Victoria hosts Cortland Anderston of Om Brewing Company and talks about his thriving kombucha business and how it developed after his journey exploring professional modeling, yoga, massage and reiki.

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69: Communication

Victoria discusses positive and negative habits when it comes to communication in interpersonal relationships.

65: Idolization

In this episode, Victoria shares how idolization has become more prevalent with the rise in social media use, and offers insight as to how we can be aware of any tendencies to engage in idolizing others, and how to turn our focus in a more positive direction.

64: Vegan News

Victoria and Vegan Danielle give a run-down of the hottest topics in global vegan news.

60: Bianca Ramirez – Awaken the Movement

Victoria is joined by founder of Awaken the Movement, Bianca Ramirez, as they discuss contemporary spiritual and mental health in regard to teens and young adults.