TAP Into

Join Travis and Pete on a journey of conscious rising as they share their personal experiences and tools for living a life centered in joy, purpose, and gratitude. Each episode TAPs into life as it comes: the good, the bad, and the WTF. We invite you to come as you are, set aside what you think you know, and simply listen. Take what you like and leave the rest. Episode topics may include: positive thinking, growth mindset, connection, relationships, communication, empowerment, compassion, transformation, emotional intelligence, vulnerability, self-love, affirmations, positivity, law of attraction, universe, intuition, empathy, and more.




101: Love is a Two-Letter Word

Pete shares his experiences by saying, "No", while practicing presence, and shares what ducks have in common with living in the present moment.

100: It's a BIG Deal!

Is it a BIG deal to reach 100 episodes? Join us for some celebrating and full-circle moments with special guest, Ashley Lee!

99.5: Bring Me a Higher Love - A 2019 Review of Pete

Pete TAPs into the "aha" moments he experienced in 2019, and is creating momentum for the direction of his life moving into 2020.

99: Hiking My Feelings; The Book

Travis welcomes back Sydney and Barry Williams as Sydney discusses her most recent accomplishments; the release of her book, "Hiking My Feelings".

98: Lost my $hit in Italy

Travis got robbed. Now he's sick. This should be fun.

97: You Might Have an STD if...

Melissa and Pete talk about the ridiculous claims and assumptions made online.

96: The "D" in DAP


Travis isn't here, so Pete brings Danielle back for some "DAP Into".

95: InteGREAT


Pete picks a topic.. or two... or two that he made into one.. InteGREAT. Pete talks about his current "integration phase" and how it's helping him grow as a human.

94: Travis had a Stroke


93: Wish You Pain


Travis and Pete discuss how pain can cause us to make necessary changes in our lives.


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