Vibrant Raw Living is an insightful podcast hosted by choreographer, yogi, raw vegan, and entrepreneur Victoria Mahdion, who highlights exciting guests from the entertainment, yoga, food, business industries and more who come to share their life stories, resilience, lessons learned and words of wisdom with you, along with experiences from her own life. Vibrant Raw Living is about using your unique gifts and talents to help you flourish, and uncovers the common issues, fears, and roadblocks which hold people back from optimal multi-faceted health, healing, and thriving with every episode. Tune in on a regular basis for content that will ignite your spirit, give you the tools to make the best life out of what you have, and inspire you to discover your infinite potential.




80: Abandonment

Recovering from feelings, past experiences regarding abandonment can be challenging, and if not dealt with, can affect one's ability to construct healthy relationships.

Victoria discusses how to navigate abandonment and how one can recover from past experiences to develop more consciousness towards one's actions and behaviors in the future.

79: Social Media & Mental Health

Victoria dives into the connection between social media and mental health, discussing how it affects one's individual focus, socialization, behavioral/mental health, critical thinking skills, and how it can even lead towards narcissistic tendencies.

78: Navigating Pain, Part 2

Continuing from Episode 77, Victoria discusses how we can turn our pain into purpose, as well as be a positive presence when helping others navigate pain in their lives.

77: Navigating Pain, Part 1

We all experience varied degrees of pain in our lives, however what we choose to do with our pain determines what will become of it. In this episode, Victoria shares things that can cause us pain on an unconscious or conscious level, and how to face it and navigate it rather than numb it.

76: Self Reflection

Victoria discusses how our ability to self reflect influences our relationship to ourselves and how our relationship with ourselves is the primary relationship which influences all other relationships in our life in a multi-dimensional way.

75: Anxiety, Depression & Stress

Anxiety and depression have become highly relevant with the rise in the use of technology and social media. Victoria discusses the potential causes and solutions that can be put into place to balance out times of emotional turmoil, as well as how to reduce the stigma around mental health issues.

74: Dianna Hanken - Perseverance

Victoria and her guest Dianna Hanken discuss perseverance, the difference between "feelings" and "intuition", as well as working through mental blocks.

73: Deciding to Commit

Victoria discusses some foundational questions which are beneficial to ask prior to marking commitments.

72: Pursuit of Purity and Perfection

Victoria details how the pursuit for purity and perfection can be and often times is unhealthy, unsustainable, and can even be dangerous.

71: Cortland Anderson | Om Kombucha

Victoria hosts Cortland Anderston of Om Brewing Company and talks about his thriving kombucha business and how it developed after his journey exploring professional modeling, yoga, massage and reiki.
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