Vibrant Raw Living is an insightful podcast hosted by choreographer, yogi, raw vegan, and entrepreneur Victoria Mahdion, who highlights exciting guests from the entertainment, yoga, food, business industries and more who come to share their life stories, resilience, lessons learned and words of wisdom with you, along with experiences from her own life. Vibrant Raw Living is about using your unique gifts and talents to help you flourish, and uncovers the common issues, fears, and roadblocks which hold people back from optimal multi-faceted health, healing, and thriving with every episode. Tune in on a regular basis for content that will ignite your spirit, give you the tools to make the best life out of what you have, and inspire you to discover your infinite potential.




55: Body Wisdom

In this episode, Victoria shares how cultivating a positive connection with one's body can be incredibly empowering, as well as a useful tool for creation of positive habits and behaviors.

54: Creating a Remarkable Life

In this episode, Victoria shares some key aspects to creating as well as appreciating a life that is uniquely yours, and how to do this in such a way that honors your highest calling(s).

53: Giving

In this episode, Victoria shares the importance of giving when it comes into play in many different aspects of our life, why we may not be receiving certain things at certain times in our lives, and how to shift our mindset around in such a way that is abundant and fearless.

52: Living in Gratitude, Part 2

Continuing from Episode 51, Victoria dives into sharing some common situations that can prevent us from feeling the fullest expression of gratitude possible, and how to work passed these blocks.

51: Living in Gratitude

In this episode, Victoria talks about the power of gratitude and how it has a major impact on our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health when practiced regularly.

50: Forgiveness

In this episode, Victoria shares the importance of forgiveness, what it is, what it isn't, and how it is viewed as well as practiced in several different religions.

49: Justin Quandt & Anthony Andrieux - Fusion Dance

Join Victoria and her guests Justin Quandt and Anthony Andrieux as they discuss rejection, lessons in the performing arts which translate out into life, and how creating fusion with diversity can lead to incredible & sustainable long-term growth.

Justin has traveled the world performing and training with some of the worlds finest instructors, is a multi-talented dancer, instructor, and competition judge.

Anthony has been successfully managing businesses for the past 15 years. After graduating in Limoges, France his hometown, Anthony moved to Paris, and after traveling the world, calls San Diego home.
Together, Justin and Anthony opened Fusion Dance Solana Beach, where they continue to create and promote a professional, fun and family-friendly environment for families and students of many ages to enjoy dance.

Fusion Dance Links:

48: About the Book - I Am Infinite by Victoria Mahdion

In this episode, Victoria shares the inspiration behind her upcoming book, I Am Infinite which explores a variety of virtues including self-efficacy, confidence, resilience, courage, honesty, creativity, friendship, faith, and love through the practice of affirmation. This book is an asset for those wish to connect with the infinite beings they are and is a great book for children as well as adults.

For more information, please visit

47: Setareh Khatibi - Pageants, Potatoes & Positivity

Join Victoria and her guest Setareh Khatibi as they discuss how performing arts has influenced both of their lives, their experiences with the vegan lifestyle, and overcoming adversity public in the public eye.

Setareh Khatibi was the first runner-up in the Nuestra Belleza Latina beauty pageant in 2012 and in 2016. She has also hosted the Univision show Sabado Gigante. She shares her passion for a low-fat plant-based vegan diet (with lots of potatoes!) through her YouTube channel and as well as her online coaching services through her website. She’s experienced her fair share of adversity from being raised by an incredible single mother, navigating the pageant and entertainment industries, overcoming major health challenges by transitioning to a plant based lifestyle and so much more. Setareh highlights her positive attitude, and love for performing arts as helpful tools for transforming her life time and time again, and shares her inspiring journey thus far with you in this episode.

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El Pollito Pio Performance:

46: Conscious Evolution

In this episode Victoria shares how positive growth and change can take place when we pass through the stages of fear, sadness, excitement, and new normalcy in the process of evolving all aspects of our lives through conscious decision making.


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